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Street Fight with Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby - 6/4/2012

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Welcome!! or happy to have you back. You've found yourself one click away from hearing the number one comedy anarchist podcast in the nation. This week was huge.

Of course we got into Wisconsin and the recall election. Brett would rather have everyone in the state get a free month of Netflix than watch two actors have a money fight.

Speaking of Netflix Bryan is losing his patience with them and specifically the movie Born 2 Race. We also discussed how we're going to maintain Hollywood and Sports after the revolution.

That was about 10 minutes of what we did on the show this week. There's 40 more minutes of jokes and ideas cram packed into this weeks show. You're listening to the kings of community radio at the top of their game every single week. Subscribe to the show with your phone or Ipod and listen in the car, get at us on twitter, and tell us what you think about what we feel is important every week.

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