Audio by title episode_18-_modern_composure

Witches Brew- Episode 18

Modern Composure

59:57 minutes (109.77 MB)

Track List
1. TALsounds- Soar
2. Lisa Bella Donna- Mystery Rituals
3. Julia Kent- Sheared
4. Lucrecia Dalt- Glass Brain
5. Ann Sweeten- November Firelight
6. Mary Lattimore- Sometimes He's in My Dreams
7. Suzanne Ciani- Snow Crystals
8. Kathryn Shuman- Objects
9. Marina Rosenfeld- I Launch an Attack...
10. Klara Lewis- Shine
11. Josephine Wiggs- Turn to Moss
12. Okkyung Lee- The Longest Morning
13. Joanna Brouk- Going to Sleep
14. Colleen- Soul Alphabet