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Witches Brew- Episode 44

August 2021 Vinyl Releases + Reissues

59:33 minutes (109.03 MB)

Track List
1. Yoshiko Sai- Hitano from Fetal Dream (Reissue Aug. 27)
2. Brandee Younger- Reclamation title track (Release Aug. 27)
3. Lucy Gooch- 6AM from Rain's Break (Release Aug. 13)
4. Lucinda Chua- An Avalanche from Antidotes 2 (Release Aug. 13)
5. Precious Bryant- Black Rat Swing from Fool Me Good (Release Aug. 13)
6. Tina Turner- Cussin', Cryin' + Carryin' On single (Reissue Aug. 20)
7. Queen Latifa ft. Monie Love- Ladies First from All Hail the Queen (Reissue Aug. 13)
8. Salt n Pepa- Shoop from Push It (Special Release Aug. 6)
9. Mercenarias- Amor Inimigo from Cade' as Armas? (Reissue Aug. 27)
10. Marisa Anderson with William Tyler- Hurricane Light title track (Release Aug. 27)
11. Anna Aaron with Bernard Troutin- Moonwaves title track (Release Aug. 6)
12. Chrysta Bell- Charlotte Sometimes (The Cure) from Strange as Angels (Release Aug. 27)
13. Maxine Funke- Quiet Shore from Seance (Release Aug. 27)