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pat radio - June 30, 2011 broadcast

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Times New Viking roll back into town tomorrow night at the Wexner Center, along with Psandwich, Mike Rep and Tommy Jay. Spd Gvnr is at the Treehouse on Saturday. Rumtum, Shin Tower Music and Alleyes Path are at Carabar on Saturday as well. Plus I sample some of that awesome new lp by the Lindsay and the cassette release from Day Creep (Aaron Troyer of Day Creeper)

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Play List:
Times New Viking - "Ways to Go" from Dancer Equired
Times New Viking - "Want to Exist" from Dancer Equired
The Lindsay - "Power Auger" from Deep in the Queue
Day Creep - "Youth Shadow" from Underneath the Mess
Day Creep - "Acid Rain" from Underneath the Mess
Static Vessels - "Amoeba" from The Lovely Morning
Hebdo - "Come For Me" from prosciutto
Eric Nassau - "Borderline" from What's Left of Empty Space
Spd Gvnr - "Grant Park Compact" from 7"
Whoa Nellie! - "Everybody's Happy Now" from Showed Up Anyway
Mors Ontologica - "All the Kingsmen" from Hot Mess
Rumtum - "Red Room" from Soundcloud
SHIN TOWER MUSIC - "Everything At Once" from Mental Gold
alleyes path - "Merry Go Round" (featuring Illogic) single
Psandwich - "Sketchnya" live at Ruby Tuesday