Audio by title witches_brew-_episode_78

Witches Brew- Episode 78

Private Press

56:39 minutes (103.72 MB)

1. Cheri Adams- Give
2. Mary Love-Comer- The Price
3. Carrie Cleveland- Love Will Set You Free
4. Jan Terri- Get Down Goblin
5. Marth Sisters- I Came to Praise the Lord
6. The Tonettes- I Gotta Know
7. Shirley Spencer- Dance With Love
8. Susan King- Morning
9. Mary L. Hopper- A Letter to His Wife
10. The MSR Singers- I'm Just the Other Woman
11. Dora Hall- Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
12. Kenny Brent + Donna Harris- Shadows of You
13. June Spaulding- Day By Day
14. Female Species- Till the Moon Don't Shine
15. The Khalsa String Band- Song of Bliss
16. Deby De Armitt- Listen to Me