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Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll 04/15/2020

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show
92,7 98.3 wcrsfm.org
7pm wednesdays

Mosses - Ahh Auspicious
WYD - After
Snarls - What's It Take
RJD2-20 Grand Palace
Vacation - Better Days
The Missed- Summer Girl
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Kiesza - Piano
Alison Mosshart- Rise
BSA Hip Hop thursdayz 7pm
Kid Cudi - Leader Of Tha Delinquentz
Amoeblog DJ Pam breast-scratch routine at HipHopSlam '93
Mosses- Another Plan
RJD2 - No Helmet Up Indianola
Duck Sauce- Smiley Face
Siak- 2020 Vision


Bourbon Street's Frank Answers My Questions

I've wanted to interview people who work at bars, + other places in the Communities we frequent since I started at a Community Radio station. BSA Hip Hop radio plays via 92.7 / 98.3 wcrsfm.org, 7pm, Thursdays. Our station is a community radio station.

I figured I'd finally start interviewing today, with Frank who works at Cafe Bourbon Street. This is a dive bar with an importance in Columbus music.

I don't see any workers that were part of my day except Panda Express employees because bars are closed. If I'm drinking beers in my living room or from my stoop I don't see Frank as much

Last month I wanted to know which songs Frank listens to when he isn't working.

Today, I wanted to know if Frank had ideas for the economic needs of the small businesses like where he works that are currently closed.

Frank, when did you start working @ Bourbon Street?
Actually I started working at the Summit as a door person in 2010, then became the bartender at Bourbon Street around 2013.

Frank from Columbus or somewhere 3 hours from here?
I'm from Lima Ohio, that's about 1.5 hours NW from here.

Did Frank have a favorite song when you were 13?
Batdance by Prince

Does Frank have a favorite song now?
Recently I've been listening to "Piano" by Kiesza.

memorable show?
Crazy Pills from NY at Bourbon St.

A favorite food @ Extreme Wieners?
It would be the Dogapolypse, I think I'm spelling that right.

Did you live here when Taco Ninja was here? Did you have a favorite food there?
Unfortunately I wasn't.

Frank how should the government assist or supplement small businesses + bartenders?

They should offer low interest loans with deferred payments until 2021 along with stimulus packs,
to allow businesses and bartenders to get a firm financial base while the nation is in recovery.

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 4.08.2020

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll
92.7 / 98.3

Bill Withers - Grandma's Hands
Bill Withers - Harlem
Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck
WYD - Death
RJD2-20 Grand Palace
Snarls - What's It Take
Duck Sauce - Smiley Face
Wes Montgomery- Yesterday
Neu! - Hallogallo
Grover Washington Jr. - Just the Two of Us feat. Bill Withers
BSA Rap Radio 92.7 /98.3 7 pm tomorrow
RJD2 - No Helmet Up Indianola


Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 04/01/2020

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show
7pm wednesdays 92.7 / 98.3 wcrsfm.org

Adrian Younge - Ready To Love
Bikini Kill - I Like F*cking
Kid Cudi -Beavis and Butthead to Score A Flex
GG Allin - Outlaw Scumf*ck
Frank Ocean - Dear April
Duck Sauce - Smiley Face
DJ A-trak ---------"Make Someone Feel Better With Music" ----------
Adrian Younge - Something About That April
song for my friend named April who lives in Columbus
Sweet Valley - Stay Calm
DJ Apryl Reign scratch section.
Kid Cudi- Dat New New
Common - Leader Crib Love ft. A-Trak
Duck Sauce - Smiley Face
"Make Someone Feel Better With Music"
Jessica's lullaby sung in Cudi cadence
RJD2 - No Helmet Up Indianola
Necro - I Need Drugs
Duck Sauce - Smiley Face
"Make Someone Feel Better With Music" --- this includes laughter .
Jay Swifa- Shimmy Shimmy


Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show March 25 2020

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show
92.7 / 98.3 wcrsfm.org
7 pm Wednesdays

Snarls - Walk In The Woods
Snarls - Marbles
Snarls - What's It Take
Which Beer company benefits from the name.
Throbbing Gristle -20 Jazz Funk Greats
Bayeté - Free Angela Thoughts And All I've Got To Say
Screaming Jay Hawkins - I Put a Spell on You
Flying Lotus - _And The World Laughs With You ft. Thom Yorke
was sex better during 911
Throbbing Gristle - Convincing People
Radiohead - 2 + 2 = 5
Deathly Fighter-Fame
Childish Gambino - 32.22
washing beer cans under hot water
DJ Jubilee- Get Ready Ready
Curren$y & Fendi P - Swang
Big Freedia - Chasing Rainbows feat. Kesha
The Showboys are From NY
SIAK-Digital Mirror
RJD2 featuring STS and Khari Mateen-Pull Up On Love

ig: wesflexner

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show march 18th 2020

wes flexner's rock n roll show
92.7/98.3 wcrsfm.org
7pm wednesdays

Mouse on Mars - Tear To My Eye
Big Black - The Model
Soccer Mommy - Bloodstream
Radiohead -Idioteque.wav
wes flexner 92.7 98.3 columbus community radio
the next song covid psa
DJ Assault Ass N Titties
wes flexner is thankful for irrigation
Throbbing Gristle -20 Jazz Funk Greats
SIAK - 2020 Vision
Deathly Fighter-Fame
wes flexner's favorite satire
Throbbing Gristle - Convincing People
Times New Viking - Ladders
Flying Lotus And The World Laughs With You ft. Thom Yorke
Throbbing Gristle- Exotica
wes flexner's rock n roll wes flexner.com
Snarls - Walk In The Woods
Snarls - What's It Take?
Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song
Cybotron - Clear

RIP Genesis P. Orridge

Wes flexner's Rock N Roll Show March 11

wes flexner's rock n roll show
92.7 / 98.3

Dinosaur Jr. - Freak Scene
Snarls - Marbles
wes flexner's rock n roll show march eleventh
Kneeling In Piss-Song About Quiting the Cafe
Snarls - Walk In The Woods
Turnstile - Real Thing
kneeling in piss 1 year anniversary
Kneeling In Piss- Theme Song
The Slits - Shoplifting
Vacation-Hole That Once Held a Screw
Siak- 2020 Vision
Yves Tumor - Applaud ft. Hirakish & Napolian
The Raincoats - Adventures Close To Home
Wes Flexner doesn't know if the Slits ever visited Columbus. Tim Ansett would know
The Supremes - It's Time to Break Down
Kneeling in Piss-Social Scene
Drama - Years
Snarls - What's It Take
Stereolab - Lo Boob Oscillator
wes flexner.com bsa rap radio tomorrow 7 pm
RJD2 featuring STS and Khari Mateen- Pull Up On Love
Wild Style


Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 3/04/2020

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show
wednesdays 92.7/98.3 wcrsfm.org

Snarls - Marbles
Drama - Years
Sleater-Kinney - Love
Wes Flexner interviewed Snarls in the new issue of the Free Press
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Day Dream
Khruangbin & Leon Bridge- ‘C-Side’
Great Planes - Letter To a Fanzine
Thundercat - 'Black Qualls feat. Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington
Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge
SIAK - 2020 Vision
Snarls - Walk In The Woods
Sonic Youth - Kool Thing ft. Mr. Chuck D
Wes Flexner discusses Bernie Sanders and Mr. Chuck D
Snarls - What's It Take
Beat Happening- Foggy Eyes
Stereolab - Au Grand Jour
Soccer Mommy - Bloodstream



Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 2/26/2020

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show
wcrsfm.org 92.7/98.3

2020-02-26 19:00:0 DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World 4:49.2
2020-02-26 19:04:36 G.I.S.M.-Document One. 2:53.6
2020-02-26 19:07:27 JaySwifa - Shimmy Shimmy 2:36.1
2020-02-26 19:10:01 Diplo Rhythm 4:53.0
2020-02-26 19:15:43 Flying Lotus ft. Thom Yorke - And The World Laughs With You 2:55.0
2020-02-26 19:18:44 Los Crudos - Somos Peligrosos 2:37.6
2020-02-26 19:21:19 Madlib - Shades of Madlib 3:41.6
2020-02-26 19:25:01 Beefeater - Freditude 2:14.4
2020-02-26 19:27:15 Soccer Mommy - Bloodstream 5:39.6
2020-02-26 19:33:33 2020 SIAK - 2020 vision 5:41.8
2020-02-26 19:39:15 Life Sentence - No Experience Necessary 2:43.3
2020-02-26 19:41:58 Rashad Thomas- The Spark 4:11.0
2020-02-26 19:46:26 Roland Kirk - The Creole Love Call 3:55.2
2020-02-26 19:50:15 Vacation - Better Days 3:12.6
2020-02-26 19:53:27 Snarls - Marbles 2:29.4
2020-02-26 19:55:52 RJD2(featuring STS and Khari Mateen)-Pull Up On Love 3:36.8


Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 02/19/2020

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show
7pm wednesdays
92.7 98.4

2020-02-19 19:00:06 The Faction - Why Save the Whales.wav 2:21.3
2020-02-19 19:02:27 Wes Flexner Doesn't Actually Know If The Whales Need saved.wav 1:05.9
2020-02-19 19:03:33 Spazz - Droppin' Many Ravers.mp3 40.4
2020-02-19 19:04:13 Drama - Years.wav 3:47.3
2020-02-19 19:08:00 Wes Flexner's thinks maybe an incredibly attractive women could like the band Earth Crisis in 2020.wav 49.7
2020-02-19 19:08:50 Septic Death- Thaw Cold War.wav 1:07.4
2020-02-19 19:09:57 Snarls - Marbles 2:29.4
2020-02-19 19:12:22 Jayswifa - Shimmy Shimmy 2:36.1
2020-02-19 19:14:57 Cheater Slicks - Feel Free 3:40.3
2020-02-19 19:18:37 KMB - keeping up.wav 2:56.2
2020-02-19 19:21:31 Wes Flexner rock n roll show segment 3.wav 19.6
2020-02-19 19:21:51 Crass- Punk Is Dead 1:48.2
2020-02-19 19:23:39 Slapshot wasn't harassing Crass.wav 46.8
2020-02-19 19:24:26 The Exploited - Punks Not Dead.wav 1:54.1
2020-02-19 19:26:28 Slapshot - Punks Dead, You're Next.wav 3:31.8
2020-02-19 19:29:59 Slapshot wasn't harrassing Crass.wav 36.8
2020-02-19 19:30:36 Incredible Bong Band - In a Gadda Da Vida - 1973 7:44.1
2020-02-19 19:38:19 Renee Dion & Jon Rogers - 51st & Cornell edited.wav 2:32.9
2020-02-19 19:40:51 Gorrilla Biscuits- High Hopes.wav 2:25.0
2020-02-19 19:43:14 JFA-Great Equalizer.wav 1:57.5
2020-02-19 19:45:08 wes flexner rock n roll two nineteen twenty,wav.wav 51.7
2020-02-19 19:46:00 Rashad - Make Love 2 This.wav 3:35.1
2020-02-19 19:49:35 Son Little - Never Give Up.wav 3:38.7
2020-02-19 19:53:13 Karp - 30 Ton Press.wav 1:59.6
2020-02-19 19:55:09 RJD2 was friends with some people who were involved with the Neil House which doesn't have anything to do with Crass or Earth Crisis. Contextually relevant to Karp 1:12.4
2020-02-19 19:56:21 RJD2(featuring STS and Khari Mateen)-Pull Up On Love.wav 3:36.8

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