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This is a locally produced program that is primarily music based.


NIGHT PLANT plays 70s-80s soundscape, ambient, environmental & background sound
on WCRS On The Air Wednesday 8-10pm.

On air since early 2018, NIGHT PLANT RADIO is WCRS-LP FM's homegrown "background sounds" show. We play ambient, environmental, incidental, production, & spatial music from across decades & traditions: from the 1970s rise of acoustic ecology & environmental soundscape recording to 1980s elevator music to mallwave/mallsoft, weather channel music, & other ambient/environmental imaginaries of the 2010's. NIGHT PLANT mobilizes environmental, spatial, incidental, & background sounds -- often out of or against their context, but with fan & artist communities who dis/locate emplaced sounds in new listening contexts -- to ask big questions about the relationship of listening to place. Yes, we're playing the complete Commander Keen OST (1991-2009) right now. No, we're not very sorry. PS you won't be either.

Sometimes we make our own field recordings & play them. Malls, lakes, you know.

Hosted/produced/badly curated by Jess Lamar Reece Holler, who really is *that* into mallwave.

Reach out @nightplantradio!!!


Witches Brew

Female Musicians
on WCRS On The Air Thursday 9-10pm.

Free-form program featuring music by female-identifying artists across time, space, and genres.

With less than 25% of recording artists today identifying as female and only around 12% of those artists writing their own songs, Witches Brew aims to shine a spotlight on an under-represented population of singers and songwriters.

Listen to ladies Thursday nights at 9!


Witches Brew- Episode 83

Creature Feature

59:21 minutes (108.67 MB)

1. The Dooley Sisters- Spider in the Web
2. Tarantula Ghoul- King Kong
3. Christine Pilzer- Dracula
4. The Crystals- Frankenstein Twist
5. The Surfrajettes- Toxic (Britney Spears)
6. Shannon + The Clams- The Cult Song
7. Cat Power- Werewolf (Michael Hurley)
8. Kate Bush- Mother Stands For Comfort
9. Billie Eilish- Bad Guy
10. L7- Monster
11. PJ Harvey- Meet Ze Monsta
12. Kay Starr- Headless Horseman
13. Mildred Bailey + Her Orchestra- The Little Man Who Wasn't There
14. Satan In High Heels- Female of the Species
15. Fabienne DelSol- I'm Gonna Haunt You
16. Mazzy Star- Ghost Highway
17. The B-52's- Devil in My Car
18. Angelyne- Draculove
19. Kathy McCarty- The Creature

Turn It Up

Reggae, Dub, Dancehall
on WCRS On The Air Saturday 11am-1pm and Sunday 6-9pm.

Reggae Music
Live Saturdays 11am-1pm est
Live Sundays 6-9 pm est


Turn It Up 2022-11-06

3:00:13 minutes (412.5 MB)


Electronic music
is not currently scheduled.

Radio 614

Local Independent Music
on WCRS On The Air Monday 12-6am, Tuesday 1-6am, Wednesday 12-6am, Thursday 3-6am, Friday 12-6am, Saturday 1-6am and Sunday 12-6am.

Radio 614, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Columbus, Ohio. Radio 614 serves to educate the public about audio, video, internet and broadcast technologies, and to help individuals find ways to use these technologies to enrich local culture in the Central Ohio Region. Radio 614 unites artists and musicians with new media so that they can more effectively create, market, and distribute their work. Click here to get involved with Radio 614.

Conscious Champion Sound Hour

on WCRS On The Air Friday 11pm-Saturday 1am.

Brought to you by Just Blak...
The Only Toon Specialist


Conscious Champion Sound Hour - 7.9.2021

2:00:00 minutes (145.77 MB)

Hidden Hits Hour

on WCRS On The Air Monday 7-8am.

Hidden Hits Hour with DJ Rolly Pagniano
Mondays 7AM - 8AM on WCRS 92.7-FM and 98.3-FM

Wake up to BEST Music in the morning on the Hidden Hits Hour! Hit music from the past 4 decades that you haven't heard on mainstream radio in a long time (that's why its "hidden"), including current music that hasn't made it to mainstream radio yet. Turn up the volume on your clock radio and wake up to THE BEST MUSIC IN THE MORNING on WCRS.


The Hidden Hits Hour - Show 23 (March 4, 2019)

57:57 minutes (108.38 MB)

This edition of The Hidden Hits Hour features a great blend of "hidden hits" such as:
1. September - Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, and Earth Wind and Fire
2. Tears Dry on Their Own - Amy Winehouse
3. I Say a Little Prayer - The Overtones
4. Be My Man - Asa
5. These Boots are Made for Walking - Planet Funk
6. You Showed Me - The Lightning Seeds
7. Bow Down - The Housemartins
8. Heaven (Where True Love Goes) - Yousuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
9. King of Wishful Thinking - Go West
10. Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer
11. Moonlight Affair - Cliff Turner
12. Jeanny - Falco
13. Love Will Always Make You Cry - After the Fire
14. All for You - Sister Hazel
15. Sometimes a Fantasy - Billy Joel

Rocking Rudy Show

Free Form Rock Music by Rudy G
is not currently scheduled.

The Ralph Tillis Show

Old School Hip-Hop and Interviews of Local Musicians
on WCRS On The Air Tuesday 11pm-Wednesday 12am.

The Ralph Tillis show is a show that features old school hip-hop that doesn't get air play on the commercial radio stations. It also features in-depth interview and free style sessions with local artists.


the ralph tillis show 154 ft truth serum final

59:57 minutes (54.9 MB)


Latino Music with DJ Supermex

Latino Music
on WCRS On The Air Saturday 6-11am and Sunday 6am-12pm.
Latino Connection

[audio-tag-artist-raw] - [audio-tag-title-raw]

58:20 minutes (53.41 MB)
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