Nelsonville Music Festival

The Hiders - "Wooden Woman", recorded at the Nelsonville Music Festival

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Cincinnati's The Hiders were the first electric band to put the Porch Stage sound system through its paces yesterday. Here's the final song from their set.

Reigning Sound - "You Got Me Hummin'" recorded at Nelsonville Music Festival

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Reigning Sound reigned supreme at the Porch Stage for the hearty folks who waited out the rain.

Old Light - "Ocean Waves", recorded live at Nelsonville Festival

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Old Light opened the main stage on Thursday and returned for a second time on the porch stage yesterday. Their music is a psyched-out mix of styles.

Nelsonville Music Festival - Thursday Night

The Nelsonville Music festival is in full swing. Thursday night offered up some of Athens' finest local acts, including Hex Net, Unmonumental, D-Rays, and the Makebelieves.

Headliners Gogol Bordello killed it. I don't have any pictures from their set, but trust me. They set the stage on fire. Jeff Tweedy should just turned the bus around right now and head back to Chicago, for Gogol Bordello will not be topped.

Nelsonville Pro Tip #1: If you actually want to sleep, request Family Camping when you pull into the campsite. Our campsite rules and it even has wifi.

Some snapshots:

Unmonumental - Featuring Stuart's Opera House's own Brian Koscho

Hip-swinging salsa from Los Hacheros - Catch them again on the main stage today at 4:30

Hex Net

Wild Belle

The Makebelieves

pat radio - May 30, 2013

60:05 minutes (82.39 MB)

Preview of the Nelsonville Music Festival, happening this weekend. More details about this particular radio program if you click on this link.

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