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DJBC Happy Hour- August 1 Promo (expires @ 7:59pm- 8/1/11)

0:30 minutes (599.58 KB)

Promo for DJBC Happy Hour August 1, 2011 show

Station ID- Happy New Year!

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Columbus Bicentennial Minute- The King-Lincoln District

2:15 minutes (2.06 MB)

PSA- Mid-Ohio Workers

0:50 minutes (1.15 MB)

Bicentennial Show Promo (1/30 & 2/06/12)

0:45 minutes (708.21 KB)

The promo for the January 30 and February 6th installments of The DJBC Happy Hour which celebrates the Bicentennial of the City of Columbus (which is February 14).

Valentine's Day Show Promo (45 secs)

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Valentine's Day Show Promo (60 sec)

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Valentine's Day Promo for the February 13th DJBC Happy Hour.

Columbus Bicentennial Minute- Downtown Columbus

3:59 minutes (3.66 MB)


2:15 minutes (2.05 MB)

Comfest Logo Contest (Expires March 1st 2012)

0:25 minutes (391.98 KB)

Columbus Bicentennial Minute- Bexley

2:35 minutes (2.36 MB)

Bicentennial Minute- Dublin

3:34 minutes (3.27 MB)

German Village

3:18 minutes (3.03 MB)

The Short North

3:04 minutes (2.81 MB)

The DJBC Happy Hour- July 4 Promo

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12th Annual Bryan Award Nomination Promo (to July 9)

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COTA Strike Notice (Expires July 2 at 3AM)

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July Fourth Station ID (Around July 4th ONLY)

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The DJBC Happy Hour July 9 LIVE Show Promo

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2:56 minutes (2.68 MB)

Hilliard, Ohio started out as Hilliard's Station in 1853. Since then, Hilliard has grown to be one of the biggest communities in Central Ohio.

Christmas in July Promo (expires July 30 @ 8PM)

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Promo for DJBC Happy Hour July 30 Christmas in July episode.

National Night Out PSA (August 7, 2012)

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2012 Columbus Childrens Parade Applications (Expires August 20)

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TV Themes from the 1980s Promo (DJBC Happy Hour)

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Groveport/Canal Winchester

4:16 minutes (3.9 MB)

This Bicentennial Minute takes us to the southeast corner of Franklin County to two former canal towns, Groveport and Canal Winchester.


3:03 minutes (2.8 MB)

This Bicentennial Minute takes us to the Birthplace of the Tomato, Reynoldsburg.

DJBC Happy Hour August 20 Promo

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Bryan Awards Promo (for ALL 3 Parts)- to September 10

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Promotional Spot for the 12th Annual Bryan Awards on WCRS-FM, airing in three parts: August 27, September 3, and September 10, 2012.

Upper Arlington

3:28 minutes (3.17 MB)

Olde Towne East

4:26 minutes (4.06 MB)

The Olde Towne East (and Franklin Park) Neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio

Party on the Hill

0:27 minutes (426.27 KB)

Columbus Childrens Parade 2012

0:32 minutes (502.6 KB)

HOT Times Festival 2012 # 1

0:35 minutes (547.92 KB)

HOT Times Festival 2012 # 2

0:37 minutes (577.3 KB)

Grove City

3:27 minutes (3.16 MB)


3:45 minutes (3.43 MB)

De'Shawn Isaac - De'Shawn Isaac's Columbus Commentary: Mike, You just suck at gift giving.

2:12 minutes (2.01 MB)

WCRS 102.1/98.3 FM - Support The Red Cross 1-800-RED-CROSS

0:27 minutes (415.63 KB)

WCRS 102.1/98.3 is Helping Out Our Communiy - Support the Mid-Ohio Food Bank- More info @

0:55 minutes (865.48 KB)

WCRS 102.1/98.3FM - Libraries for Liberia PSA

0:38 minutes (589.5 KB)

Libraries for Liberia Foundation is hosting a fundraising event on October 23rd, at Otterbein University.

End of Daylight Savings Time (November 4, 2012)

0:30 minutes (473.59 KB)

Election Night in Columbus Coverage - Starting Election Night at 7pm on WCRS 102.1/98.3

1:00 minutes (938.46 KB)

Thanksgiving 2012 Promo (The DJBC Happy Hour)- 11/19/12

0:45 minutes (706.29 KB)

WCRS News - 102.1/98.3 Focus - Mental Health

11:21 minutes (10.4 MB)

WCRS News - 102.1/98.3 Focus

14:01 minutes (12.84 MB)

New Year's Eve Promo (DJBC Happy Hour)

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Radio Ecoshock - Ecoshock WCRS Promo

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WCRS Producer - Wild Goose Creavite PSA EXP JAN 17 2013

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WCRS News - WCRS Survey PSA 2013

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WCRS ID - Democracy Now Weekdays at 5pm On WCRS 102.1/98.3 FM

0:17 minutes (262.45 KB)

Top of the Hour Station IDs - Tips For Teens LIVE! Tuesdays at 8pm

0:19 minutes (295.55 KB)

Top of the Hour Station IDs - Prescriptions with Doctah X Fridays at 9pm

0:16 minutes (255.96 KB)

Top of the Hour Station IDs - The Other Side of the News Mondays at 4pm on WCRS 102.1/98.3 FM

0:21 minutes (331.06 KB)

Top of the Hour Station IDs - Night Tunes Mondays at 11pm on WCRS 102.1/98.3 FM

0:15 minutes (233.92 KB)

Top of the Hour Station IDs - The Ralph Tillis Show Tuesday at 11pm on WCRS 102.1/98.3 FM

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The DJBC Happy Hour Valentine's Day 2013 Promo

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Top of the Hour Station IDs - Keep us going strong! DONATE @

0:16 minutes (279.57 KB)

Top of the Hour Station IDs - Democracy Now Weekdays at 5pm On WCRS 102.1/98.3 FM

0:17 minutes (266.57 KB)

Top of the Hour Station IDs - WCRS 102.1/98.3 FM WCRS-LP Columbus

0:08 minutes (136.75 KB)

Top of the Hour Station IDs - World Party Tuesday at 7pm

0:16 minutes (302.33 KB)

Top of the Hour Station IDs - DJBC Happy Hour Monday at 8pm

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Yesterday's Top Secrets - Congrats for 400 Shows from WCRS 102.1/98.3 FM!

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The DJBC Happy Hour 2013 Academy Awards Preview Promo

1:15 minutes (1.16 MB)

DJBC Happy Hour LIVE After-Oscars Promo

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Daylight Savings Time Begins on March 10, 2013

0:30 minutes (479.23 KB)

Top of the Hour Station ID's - The DJBC Happy Hour Mondays at 8PM

0:17 minutes (277.09 KB)

World Party - Women's History Month PSA (Month of March, Annually)

0:40 minutes (942.7 KB)

Women's History Month PSA from Rolly Pagniano of WCRS's "The World Party".

Station ID - "Community Radio from the Grassroots"

0:12 minutes (193.06 KB)

April 1, 2013 Promo (The DJBC Happy Hour)

1:00 minutes (940.5 KB)

Writer's Talk - May 6 (and 13?) Promo

0:30 minutes (464.54 KB)

Bryan Award Nominations '13 Promo (The DJBC Happy Hour)

0:38 minutes (595.26 KB)

July 15 (Best of Bicentennial Minute) Promo for The DJBC Happy Hour

0:36 minutes (564.67 KB)

Christmas in July Roadtrip Promo

0:38 minutes (594.04 KB)

1983 Promo (The DJBC Happy Hour Encore) - August 5 & 12

0:41 minutes (637.18 KB)

Glenfest 2013 at Glenwood Park - September 7 , 2013 from 12 to 4 pm

0:30 minutes (475.92 KB)

The University District (A Trip Around Columbus)

3:47 minutes (3.47 MB)

The South Side

4:49 minutes (4.41 MB)

The West Side (A Trip Around Columbus)

4:48 minutes (4.39 MB)

This Trip Around Columbus takes us to the West Side of Columbus, and includes the Hilltop USA, Lincoln Village, and the controversial (defunct) village of New Rome.

Upper Arlington

3:35 minutes (3.29 MB)

The DJBC Happy Hour 2013 Halloween Promo (October 14, 2013)

0:45 minutes (705.48 KB)

Promo for The DJBC Disco Happy Hour

0:39 minutes (612.32 KB)

Daylight Savings Time End PSA 2013

0:30 minutes (470.37 KB)

DJBC Holiday Happy Hour November 4 & 11 Promo

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Networking 106 Promo (The DJBC Happy Hour)

0:45 minutes (711.88 KB)

WCRS Promo - PSA Donate to WCRS

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WCRS 102.1/98.3FM - Get Social with us online!

0:21 minutes (328.57 KB)

Top of the Hour Station IDs - WCRS 102.1/98.3 FM WCRS-LP Columbus W252AY Marble Cliff

0:21 minutes (324.08 KB)

DJBC Happy Hour 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Promo

1:00 minutes (948.21 KB)

WCRS Thanksgiving Filler - "The Twilight of Thanksgiving" (William D. Kelley)

1:55 minutes (1.76 MB)

The Twilight of Thanksgiving (William D. Kelley)

The day has lengthened into eve,
And over all the meadows
The Twilight's silent shuttles weave
Their sombre web of shadows,
With northern lights the cloudless skies
Are faintly phosphorescent,
And just above you wooded rise
The new moon shows her crescent

Before the evening lams are lit,
While day and night commingle,
The sire and matron come and sit
Beside the cozy ingle;
And softly speak of the delight
Within their bosoms swelling,
Because beneath their roof to-night
Their dear ones all are dwelling

And when around the cheerful blaze
The young folks take their places,
What blissful dreams of other days
Light up their aged faces!
The past returns with all its joys,
And they again are living
The years in which, as girls and boys,
Their children kept Thanksgiving

The stalwart son recalls the time
When, urged to the endeavor,
He tried the well-greased pole to climb,
And failed of fame forever.
The daughter tells of her emprise
When, as a new beginner,
She helped her mother make the pies
For the Thanksgiving dinner.

And thus with laugh and jest and song,
And render recollections,
Love speeds the happy hours along,
And fosters fond affections;
While Fance, listening to the mirth,
And dreaming pleasant fictions,
Imagines through the winds on earth
That heaven breathes benedictions.

Selection (John Greenleaf Whittier)

0:45 minutes (709.43 KB)

(John Greenleaf Whittier)
Heap high the farmer's wintry hoard!
Heap high the golden corn!
No richer gift has Autumn poured
From out her lavish horn.

Let other lands exulting glean
The apple from the pine,
The orange from its glossy green,
The cluster from the vine.

But let the good old corn adorn,
The hills our fathers trod;
Still let us for His golden gorn,
Send up our thanks to God.


4:41 minutes (4.28 MB)

A Trip Around Columbus heads to the North Side of Columbus to the Northland area, including the history of Minerva Park, to the rise and fall of both Northland Mall and the Continent.

The DJBC Happy Hour New Year's Eve Promo 2013

0:40 minutes (634.74 KB)

Promo for December 30, 2013 "The DJBC Happy Hour"

The DJBC Happy Hour - 100 Shows Promo # 1

0:35 minutes (553.92 KB)

No Celebratory Gunfire on New Year's Eve (2013-14)

0:28 minutes (440.17 KB)

January 6, 2014 Promo

0:52 minutes (818 KB)


4:45 minutes (4.35 MB)

This installment of "A Trip Around Columbus" takes us to the Linden area, once known as Linden Heights, which was a prosperous neighborhood in the mid-20th century. This segment also mentions nearby communities of American Addition, Milo-Grogan, and Shepard.


3:05 minutes (2.82 MB)

"A Trip Around Columbus", in this installment, takes us to Worthington, founded in 1803 by James Kilbourne. Settlers from Granby, Connecticut moved to Worthington in October 1803 and started building a community that has been going strong for over 200 years.


4:12 minutes (3.85 MB)

In this installment of "A Trip Around Columbus", Clintonville was home to an amusement park (Olentangy Park), a famous Indian (Bill Moose), and Beechwold was the original home of the Columbus Zoo. Clintonville is also home to the Park of Roses.

Gahanna & New Albany

4:38 minutes (4.24 MB)

This installment of "A Trip Around Columbus" takes us to the Northeast part of Franklin County. New Albany's original name was "Hope", when it was founded by William Yantis and Noble Landon in 1837. Gahanna comes from the Native American term "merging of the three creeks". This segment includes the neighborhood formerly known as Wonderland and Wexley, which was the launching pad for growth in New Albany behind Les Wexner.

Whitehall & The East Side

3:49 minutes (3.5 MB)

This installment of "A Trip Around Columbus" takes us to Whitehall and the east side neighborhoods of Berwick, Eastmoor, and East Columbus.

February 3, 2014 Promo

0:36 minutes (576.4 KB)

DJBC Happy Hour - Valentine's Day '80s (2014) Promo

0:38 minutes (601.27 KB)

Promo for the February 10, 2014 "The DJBC Happy Hour"

The British Invasion 50 Promo (The DJBC Happy Hour; February 17, 2014)

0:42 minutes (658.98 KB)

Daylight Savings Time 2014 Reminder

0:25 minutes (387.93 KB)

Daylight Savings Time begins at 2:00AM on March 9, 2014

DJBC Happy Hour - 2014 Oscar Preview Promo

0:35 minutes (553.63 KB)

The DJBC Happy Hour - March 3, 2014 Promo

0:30 minutes (468.32 KB)

Promo for the March 3, 2014 episode of "The DJBC Happy Hour"

International Women's Month Celebration (March 8, 2014)

0:50 minutes (785.76 KB)

WCRS International Women's Month Promo # 2

0:35 minutes (546.24 KB)

International Women's Month PSA # 1 (The World Party)

0:40 minutes (942.7 KB)

International Women's Month PSA from The World Party's Rolly Pagniano.

DJBC Happy Hour St. Patrick's Day in Dublin '14 Promo

0:35 minutes (551.12 KB)

Promo for The DJBC Happy Hour Classic on March 17, 2014.

The World Party 100 Shows Promo

0:10 minutes (159.34 KB)

DJBC Happy Hour March 31, 2014 Promo

0:45 minutes (705.95 KB)

Promo for The March 31, 2014 "The DJBC Happy Hour" on WCRS-FM.

Earth Day Columbus 2014 # 1

0:42 minutes (663.46 KB)

PSA for the 2014 Earth Day Columbus Celebration - April 26 at Columbus Commons

The DJBC Happy Hour 3-Year Anniversary Promo (04/14/14)

0:25 minutes (400.45 KB)

Networking 108 Promo

0:40 minutes (633.51 KB)

Promo for April 28, 2014 "The DJBC Happy Hour"

Earth Day Columbus Gratitude PSA # 3

1:04 minutes (1001.63 KB)

PSA for Earth Day Columbus April 19-26, 2014 by Deshawn Isaac & Jack

2014 Near East Side Hop PSA

0:44 minutes (686.29 KB)

PSA for The Near East Side Hop on April 21-26, 2014. More information:

El DJBC Happy Hour Promo (05/05/14) - English Version

0:28 minutes (448.94 KB)

Promo for El DJBC Happy Hour - May 5, 2014 (English)

Promo Por El DJBC Happy Hour En Espanol (05/05/2014)

0:28 minutes (445.35 KB)

Promo Por El DJBC Happy Hour (05/05/2014) en Espanol.

JFS Easton Job Fair PSA (May 22, 2014)

1:00 minutes (942.22 KB)

PSA for the Jewish Family Services/Easton Community Foundation 10th Annual Easton Job Fair on May 22, 2014.

Comfest PSA # 2 (2014)

0:55 minutes (865.09 KB)

PSA/Promo for Comfest, June 27-29, 2014 at Goodale Park

The DJBC Happy Hour - July 4th Promo (2014)

0:30 minutes (472.46 KB)

Promo for the DJBC July Fourth Happy Hour show on June 30, 2014.

Christmas in July '70s Promo (The DJBC Happy Hour 07-07-14)

0:45 minutes (712.25 KB)

Promo for the July 7, 2014 "The DJBC Happy Hour".

Christmas In July Goes To The Movies Promo

0:25 minutes (398.82 KB)

Promo for the July 28, 2014 "The DJBC Happy Hour".

National Night Out 2014 (August 5, 2014)

0:30 minutes (472 KB)

PSA for National Night Out (August 5, 2014)

14th Annual Bryan Awards Promo

0:25 minutes (392.82 KB)

Generic Promo for the 14th Annual Bryan Awards on WCRS-FM.

2014 Bryan Awards Week Promo # 1

0:30 minutes (472.46 KB)

Promo for the 14th Annual Bryan Awards - Week Of (July 28-August 4, 2014)

2014 Bryan Awards Week Promo # 2

0:25 minutes (399.63 KB)

Promo for Part 2 of the 14th Annual Bryan Awards

Sports Unfiltered - August 13th 2014 Promo

0:32 minutes (504.36 KB)

Emmys 2014 Promo (08-18-2014)

0:35 minutes (541.38 KB)

Promo for the August 18, 2014 "The DJBC Happy Hour" Summer Finale

puffin - Puffin West Underwriting pff #1

0:18 minutes (287.75 KB)

Puffin Film Festival - September 21-25, 2014

0:22 minutes (336.73 KB)

HOT Times Festival 2014

1:00 minutes (944.24 KB)

2014 Columbus Children's Parade

0:45 minutes (706.69 KB)

Independent's Day 2014

1:00 minutes (944.94 KB)

Civil Rights Act: 50 Years Later PSA

0:48 minutes (755.96 KB)

Berlin Wall: 25 Years Later

0:42 minutes (662.49 KB)

Daylight Savings Time Fall Back 2014

0:31 minutes (481.67 KB)

Daylight Savings Time ends at 2AM EDT on Sunday November 2, 2014. Set your clocks back one hour. Standard Time will last until March 8, 2015 at 2AM EST. Daylight Savings Time resumes on March 8, 2015.

Thanksgiving 2014 Promo (The DJBC Happy Hour)

0:30 minutes (476.78 KB)

Thanksgiving 2014 Promo for "The DJBC Happy Hour" (November 24, 2014)

WCRS December/Holiday Station ID/Promo # 1 (December ONLY)

0:45 minutes (719.06 KB)

Happy Holidays Station ID # 1

0:10 minutes (161.67 KB)

60 Minute Holiday Music Block # 1

59:56 minutes (54.87 MB)

30 Minute Holiday Music Block # 1

30:00 minutes (27.47 MB)

30 Minute Holiday Music Block # 2

30:03 minutes (27.52 MB)

# 133 - The DJBC (Holiday Soundtrack) Happy Hour

59:39 minutes (54.62 MB)

Tonight on the show, What is on your Holiday Playlist?
(More Bonus Coverage:

"Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah" - glee
"Chanukah Prayer" - Carole King
"December Will Be Magic Again" - Kate Bush
"Caroling, Caroling" - Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians
"Silver Bells" - Norma Zimmer & Jim Roberts
"A Fact Can Be A Beautiful Thing" - Marian Mercer & Jerry Orbach (from "Promises, Promises")
"It Kinda Feels Like Christmas" - The Royal Guardsmen
"A Charles Dickens' Christmas" - Bransby Williams
"Savoy Christmas Medley" - The New Mayfair Orchestra directed by Ray Noble
"December" - Earth, Wind, and Fire

DJBC Happy Hour - Santa Claus Promo

0:20 minutes (321.67 KB)

Promo for the December 22, 2014 "The DJBC Happy Hour with Special Guest Co-Hosts, Santa & Mrs. Claus".

The DJBC Happy Hour 2014 Year-In-Review Promo (12/29/14)

0:30 minutes (479.23 KB)

WCRS Holiday Filler - "Mistletoe" (Walter De La Mare)

1:06 minutes (1.01 MB)

A Christmas Tree (Charles Dickens)

1:55 minutes (1.76 MB)

Christmas Bells (Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

0:34 minutes (534.33 KB)

Christmas From A Fairy To A Child (Lewis Carroll)

1:06 minutes (1.01 MB)

Little Tree (e.e. cummings)

1:25 minutes (1.31 MB)

Merry Christmas, Everyone! (Anon)

1:17 minutes (1.18 MB)

Ohio State National Champions - WCRS

1:02 minutes (975.55 KB)

OSU National Champions (Kermit & Miss Piggy)

0:32 minutes (509.02 KB)

Musical Bridge (NOT) - OSU National Champions (Kermit & Miss Piggy) - Longer, Minute Version

1:10 minutes (1.08 MB)

A longer, 70-second version of the "OSU National Champions (Kermit & Miss Piggy) Promo".

The DJBC Happy Hour Elvis Promo (1/26/2015)

0:32 minutes (504.53 KB)

2015 Daylight Savings Time Start

0:35 minutes (550.65 KB)

Songs of Struggle - March 6, 2015

1:00 minutes (947.8 KB)

Songs of Struggle
Friday March 6, 2015
North Baptist Church: 76 E. Charleston Ave. (Clintonville)
(614) 263-3851

International Women's History Month PSA

0:40 minutes (630.65 KB)

Kick Butt Columbus (March 28)

0:45 minutes (710.25 KB)

Kick Butt Columbus
March 28, 2015

Wolfe Park
1911 E. Broad St.

(614) 645-2421

Candidates Night 2015 - April 14, 2015

1:24 minutes (1.29 MB)

Candidate's Night on April 14, 2015
The Neighborhood House, Inc.
1000 Atcheson Street (the King-Lincoln District)
Columbus, OH 43203
(614) 252-4941

DJBC Happy Hour - 4-Year Anniversary Promo (4/20/15)

0:34 minutes (542.9 KB)

Sports Unfiltered April 22, 2015 Promo

1:00 minutes (937.14 KB)

Sports Unfiltered - April 22 Alternate Promo

0:30 minutes (472.24 KB)

2015 Near East Side Hop (May 5-9)

0:50 minutes (787.8 KB)

The Big Give 2015 (May 12)

0:20 minutes (316.78 KB)

The Big Give is May 12, 2015.

WCRS Station ID (En Espanol)

0:20 minutes (321.67 KB)

WCRS Station ID - DJBC (Recorded on May 1, 2015)

0:20 minutes (320.86 KB)

DJBC Happy Hour - The 1975 Promo (Expires May 18)

0:30 minutes (483.27 KB)

Promo for The May 11/18 "The DJBC Happy Hour".

2015 Easton Job Fair - May 21, 2015

1:05 minutes (1019.23 KB)

#SummerInTheCity15 Promo (The DJBC Happy Hour) - to JUNE 1st, 2015

0:40 minutes (631.47 KB)

Promo for the June 1, 2015 "The DJBC Happy Hour".

Tweet or post on Facebook using #SummerInTheCity15 (or #SummerInTheCBus15) (along with #lifeincbus).

DJBC Happy Hour 150th Show Promo (to JUNE 8, 2015)

0:25 minutes (401.67 KB)

Promo for the 150th "The DJBC Happy Hour" on WCRS-FM.

(615) Show Promo - to June 15th

0:35 minutes (558 KB)

Promo for the June 15th "The DJBC Happy Hour"

DJBC Happy Hour July 4th 2015 Promo

0:25 minutes (398.41 KB)

2015 ComFest PSA # 1 (to June 28)

0:28 minutes (443.72 KB)

Station ID - Cynthia Nixon Station ID (version from The DJBC Happy Hour Show # 150)

0:28 minutes (448.61 KB)

Woodland Park Film Screening - JUNE 25, 2015

1:00 minutes (936.37 KB)

Historic Woodland Park – An Eastside Neighborhood Story

Thursday June 25th at St. Philip Episcopal Church 166 Woodland Avenue in Columbus, Ohio

The doors will open at 6:00 p.m. Screening is at 6:30 p.m. Reception is at 7:30 p.m.

The film starts with the Nelson family, who settled the area in the early 1800s. It goes on to feature artists such as Emerson Burkhart, Billy Ireland and Omar Shaheed. The film talks about athletes such as the Nesser family who were instrumental in the formation of the NFL, famed Buckeye football star Chic Harley and Bill Willis who broke the color barrier in college and professional football.

The documentary explains the transformation of the neighborhood to an important African-American community in the 1950s, featuring such stories of the history of the Eldon & Elsie Ward Family YMCA and the Isabelle Ridgway Care Center all the way to present day with residents who enjoy living in a more culturally diverse neighborhood.

Scott Spears and Christina Paolucci did the majority of the production with some assistance from other artists completing the work.

Comfest Promo # 2 - to JUNE 28th

0:28 minutes (446.16 KB)

Fourth of July Station ID (2015)

0:15 minutes (240.86 KB)

DJBC Happy Hour - 2015 Bryan Award Nominations Promo

0:40 minutes (634.74 KB)

1955 Promo (July 20)

0:31 minutes (483.31 KB)

Promo for July 20th "The DJBC Happy Hour"

Christmas Specials In July '15 Promo

0:40 minutes (630.65 KB)

Ralph Tillis 100 Show Promo (7/28/15)

0:10 minutes (163.31 KB)

10 Second Promo for The Ralph Tillis Show (7/28/15)

15th Annual Bryan Awards Promo # 1

0:30 minutes (474.74 KB)

First Promo for the 15th Annual Bryan Awards

1985 Promo (to August 10)

0:35 minutes (553.51 KB)

August 3 & 10 Promo for "The DJBC Happy Hour"

15th Annual Bryan Awards Promo # 2

0:24 minutes (384.94 KB)

Sports Unfiltered Promo (Howard Cosell)

0:29 minutes (453.92 KB)

Sports Unfiltered Promo (NFL Alternate Promo, 2015)

0:40 minutes (635.96 KB)

2015 Hot Times Festival (September 11-13)

1:01 minutes (949.84 KB)

The 2015 Hot Times Festival
240 Parsons Avenue, Olde Towne East

2 Stages
2 Drum Circles
Poetry Slam
Visual Art Projects
Street fair
Children's Activities (including the Children's Parade in Olde Towne East on Saturday morning)
The Art Cars

Performances by the Jazz Poetry Ensemble, the Sean Carney Band with Shaun Booker, and (from Niger) TAL National

Independent's Day Promo 2015

0:40 minutes (630.25 KB)

Independent's Day 2015

Town & Lucas Streets, East Franklinton

2 days in the heart of East Franklinton, with food vendors, seven stages, a market place, and live interactive features. Plus, more surprises.

Columbus Children's Parade 2015 (September 12)

0:45 minutes (711.06 KB)

Columbus Children's Parade
Saturday September 12, 2015, 11AM (pre-parade activities)
Starts at Kwanzaa Playground/English Park (1275 Bryden Rd., Olde Towne East/Franklin Park)
(614) 252-3157, extension 126 (Central Community House/Columbus Children's Parade organizer)

The DJBC Happy Hour - Emmys 2015 Promo (September 14)

0:45 minutes (716.92 KB)

Promo for September 14 "The DJBC Happy Hour" (Show # 157: The Emmys)

1965 Promo (10/05/15; Show # 160)

0:41 minutes (637.18 KB)

Promo for October 5, 2015 "The DJBC Happy Hour: # 160: '1965 - Music & Headlines'"

DJBC Halloween Promo 2015

0:45 minutes (709.43 KB)

Promo for October 12th "The DJBC Happy Hour"

Election Day PSA 2015

0:21 minutes (327.8 KB)

Early Voting PSA (to November 2)

0:36 minutes (567.39 KB)

Daylight Savings Time End PSA

0:19 minutes (294.33 KB)

Daylight Savings Time Ends on November 1, 2015 at 2:00AM. Standard Time will be in effect from November 1, 2015 until March 13, 2016.

DJBC Happy Hour Frank Sinatra 100 Promo

0:35 minutes (553.92 KB)

Promo for October 26, 2015, "The DJBC Happy Hour".

First Night Columbus 2015

0:25 minutes (394.45 KB)

DJBC Happy Hour Super Bowl 50 Promo (to February 1)

0:30 minutes (481.25 KB)

Promo for # 174: Super Bowl 50 Pre-Game Show for "The DJBC Happy Hour" (AIR DATE: February 1, 2016)

WCRS Presents One Station Under A Groove Fireworks Patriotic Party Special (2016)

2:04:20 minutes (113.84 MB)

Tonight on the show, your patriotic mix to get you ready for some fireworks.


2016 WCRS Sports - 2016 High School Football Kickoff Preview Special

47:38 minutes (43.62 MB)

In this special, we preview the 2016 High School Football Season.
- The Ohio Capital Conference (including the Divisional Realignments)
- The City League
- The CCL
- The Licking County League
- The Mid State League

Week 1 Games to Watch:
- St. Charles at Upper Arlington (1st meeting since 1959; ALL meetings in this series have been at Upper Arlington H.S.)
- Columbus South at East
- Westerville Central at Gahanna
- Walnut Ridge at Watterson (at North High School on Arcadia)
- Bishop Ready at Whitehall
- Lancaster at DeSales
- Delaware Hayes at B*ckeye Valley
- Zanesville at Newark (Oldest rivalry in the State, dating back to 1903)
- Hilliard Davidson at Grove City
- Olentangy at Hilliard Darby
- New Albany at Reynoldsburg

Plus the Games to Watch This Season:
(Including but not limited to...)
- Davidson vs. Coffman
- DeSales at Watterson
- Watterson at Hartley
- Hartley at DeSales
- Marion-Franklin vs. Walnut Ridge
- Eastmoor vs. Walnut Ridge
- Grandview at Bexley
- Gahanna vs. Pickerington Central
- Whitehall at Bexley
- New Albany vs. Gahanna
- Upper Arlington vs. Hilliard Davidson
- Olentangy vs. Olentangy Liberty
- Olentangy Liberty vs. Westerville Central
- Olentangy vs. Westerville Central
- Licking Heights vs. Licking Valley

Plus the BIG Rivalries (and who they are):
- The Battle of Hard Road (Worthington Kilbourne/Dublin Scioto)
- The Battle of 256 (Reynoldsburg/Pickerington Central)
- The Battle of Broad Street (Watkins Memorial/Licking Heights, and NOT West/East)
- The "Holy War" (Watterson/DeSales)
- The 2010 Champions (Watterson/Hartley)
- Mayor/Headmaster Trophy (Bexley/Columbus Academy)
- The Battle of the Bishops (Hartley/Ready, sorry Watterson)
- The Victory Bell (Eastmoor/Walnut Ridge)
- The Battle of Main Street (Whitehall/Bexley)

Ohio High School Playoff Kickoff Special 2016

26:09 minutes (23.95 MB)

10 Weeks of High School Football have been played. And it's time for the Postseason to begin. 224 Schools. 28 Brackets. Seven Champions. The Road to the Shoe begins for 224 High School Football Teams on Friday and Saturday in the State of Ohio.

Region 2: Olentangy Liberty, Dublin Jerome, Olentangy, Olentangy Orange
Region 3: Hilliard Bradley, Pickerington Central, Dublin Coffman, Hilliard Davidson, Springfield, Pickerington North, Lancaster

Region 7: New Albany, Franklin Heights, Licking Heights, Columbus West, Dublin Scioto

Region 11: DeSales, Bexley, Hamilton Township, Eastmoor Academy, Beechcroft, Chillicothe, Whitehall, Thornville Sheridan

Region 14: Jonathan Alder, Bishop Hartley, River Valley
Region 15: Heath, Johnstown-Monroe, Bloom-Carroll
Region 16: Chillicothe Union-Scioto (Unioto)

Region 18: Columbus Academy, Marion Pleasant
Region 19: Liberty Union, Chillicothe Zane Trace

Region 23: Newark Catholic, Centerburg, Bishop Ready

Region 27: Danville, Harvest Prep, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans

- Columbus City (West, Eastmoor, Beechcroft), Dublin City (Coffman, Scioto, Jerome), and Olentangy Local (Olentangy, Liberty, Orange) School Districts each have THREE schools in the playoffs; Pickerington (Central, North) and Hilliard (Bradley, Davidson) have TWO schools in the playoffs; The Diocese of Columbus is repped by DeSales, Hartley, and Ready (CCL), Newark Catholic (Licking County League), and Rosecrans
- West High School opened in 1908. This is the first time in the school's history, that they have reached the football playoffs. Hilliard Bradley is making their first playoff trip since the school opened in 2009.
- Franklin Heights reaches the playoffs for the first time since 1989.

The Big Table 2017 Promo # 1

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The Big Table is taking place on Wednesday May 17, at places all around Columbus. The purpose is for groups of 8-12 people to sit down and discuss issues in their community, as well as the strengths and opportunities facing our community, through the ideas shared through the conversation.

For more information, go to

The Big Table 2017 Promo # 2

0:17 minutes (273.88 KB)

The Big Table is taking place on Wednesday May 17, at places all around Columbus. The purpose is for groups of 8-12 people to sit down and discuss issues in their community, as well as the strengths and opportunities facing our community, through the ideas shared through the conversation.

For more information, go to

The Big Table 2017 Promo # 3

0:30 minutes (477.59 KB)

The Big Table is taking place on Wednesday May 17, at places all around Columbus. The purpose is for groups of 8-12 people to sit down and discuss issues in their community, as well as the strengths and opportunities facing our community, through the ideas shared through the conversation.

For more information, go to

The DJBC Happy Hour Operation: TSR Promo (March 20, 2017)

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2017 Central Ohio Kickoff Show

55:48 minutes (51.1 MB)

It's High School Football Season Time Again as the 2017 High School Football Season begins on August 24. Division/Region Breakdowns, plus Coaching Changes and the Central Catholic League/Mid State League Shuffle.

Buckeye Division: Olentangy Liberty (2016 champ/State Semi-Finalist), Olentangy, Olentangy Orange, Westerville North, Westerville Central, Westerville South
Capital Division: New Albany (2016 champ), Franklin Heights, Groveport-Madison, Canal Winchester, Newark, Sunbury Big Walnut
Cardinal Division: Dublin Jerome, Dublin Scioto, Hilliard Bradley, Hilliard Darby, Thomas Worthington, Worthington Kilbourne, Delaware Hayes
Central Division: Dublin Coffman (2016 champ), Hilliard Davidson, Upper Arlington, Westland, Central Crossing, Marysville
Ohio Division: Pickerington Central (2016 champ), Pickerington North, Reynoldsburg, Lancaster, Gahanna Lincoln, Grove City

Buckeye Division (Football Only): Amanda-Clearcreek, Circleville, Hamilton Township, Logan Elm, Ashville Teays Valley, Bloom-Carroll, Lancaster Fairfield Union
Cardinal Division (Football Only): Berne Union, Harvest Prep (2016 champ), Worthington Christian, Lancaster Fairfield Christian, Lancaster Fisher Catholic, Grove City Christian, Millersport
Independent: Bishop Ready (playing MSL Ohio Schedule, but NOT competing for a League Title)
Ohio Division: Bexley (2016 champ), Columbus Academy, Grandview Heights, London, Baltimore Liberty Union, Whitehall-Yearling

NORTH: Beechcroft (2016 champ), Centennial, East, Linden McKinley, Whetstone, Northland, Mifflin
SOUTH: Eastmoor Academy (2016 champ), West, Marion-Franklin, Walnut Ridge, Briggs, Africentric, Columbus South, Independence

CENTRAL CATHOLIC LEAGUE: Bishop Hartley (two-time defending State Champs & 2016 Gold Champ), Bishop Watterson, St. Charles, St. Francis DeSales (2016 Silver Champ/State Semi-Finalist)

WCRS FM 92.7 FM Station ID

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Musical Bridge: "Knowing When To Leave" - Burt Bacharach

The 17th Annual Bryan Awards (FULL 2 HOUR SPECIAL)

2:01:45 minutes (111.47 MB)

2018 WCRS Comfest Preview

29:39 minutes (27.16 MB)

This 30-minute special is a preview of the 2018 Community Festival (or Comfest), June 22-24 at Goodale Park.

18th Annual Bryan Award Nominations

29:32 minutes (27.04 MB)

The Big Table - to August 29

0:35 minutes (555.14 KB)

The 18th Annual Bryan Awards Ceremony

1:59:45 minutes (109.64 MB)

The Best of Television from the 2017-18 season, the 18th Annual Bryan Awards returns to WCRS in 2018. Winners in 38 categories are revealed in this two-hour special, which includes a musical TV theme tribute to 1968, plus the Memoriam Segment to those who passed away.

The DJBC Happy Hour Thanksgiving Promo '18

0:45 minutes (712.29 KB)

Promo for # 276, "Go Blue Wave" of The DJBC Happy Hour. November 19 at 8PM (and if Ohio State wins in 2018, this promo will be repeated in 2019).

Seasonal Station ID - Hanukkah

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The DJBC Happy Hour # 300 Promo

0:15 minutes (245.35 KB)

MB - Comfest Promo # 1901-A (to June 30)

0:45 minutes (705.76 KB)

MB - Comfest Promo # 1901-B (to June 30, 2019)

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DJBC Happy Hour 300/Comfest MC Promo

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2019 WCRS Central Ohio High School Football Kickoff Special

29:20 minutes (26.86 MB)

Football season is here! Almost. The Regular Season of High School Football in Ohio kicks off on August 29, and ends on November 2.

In this podcast:
- Buckeye Valley jumps to the Mid-State League
- No more football for Rosecrans
- Division Re-Alignments
- Week 8; High School Football vs. THE Ohio State Buckeyes
- "Every Game is a Road Game, including the Home Games" - Bishops Watterson and Ready
- The NEW Golden Era in Bexley

Link to Central Ohio Schedules, Week by Week:

August 29 - Centennial (City League North) at Grandview Heights (MSL Ohio)
Sept. 5 - Walnut Ridge (City League South) at Pataskala Watkins Memorial (Licking County League BIG)
Sept. 12 - Johnstown (LCL Small) at Newark Licking Valley (LCL Big?)
Sept. 19 - Bloom-Carroll at Hamilton Township (MSL Cardinal)
Sept. 26 - Logan at Chillicothe (SE Ohio League)
Oct. 3 - Bishop Ready at Gahanna Columbus Academy (MSL Ohio)
Oct. 10 - Columbus Independence at Marion-Franklin (City League South)
Oct. 17 - Westerville Central at Olentangy Orange (OCC Buckeye)
Oct. 24 - Worthington Kilbourne at Hilliard Bradley (OCC Cardinal)
Oct. 31 (Season Finale) - Columbus St. Francis DeSales at Bishop Hartley (CCL)

2019 Early Voting PSA (to November 4, 2019)

0:40 minutes (630.65 KB)

Election Day Voting 2019 PSA - to November 5, 2019

0:26 minutes (411.88 KB)

2019 Daylight Savings Time END PSA - November 2-3, 2019

0:21 minutes (330.25 KB)

2019 Free Press Awards - November 4, 2019

0:38 minutes (601.67 KB)

Promo - The DJBC Happy Hour (# 320) - The 2010s (12/16/19 Show)

0:25 minutes (400.45 KB)

A promo for The DJBC Happy Hour, Show # 320 (December 16, 2019)

PSA - Early Voting Registration 2020 Primary (to February 18)

0:45 minutes (712.7 KB)

PSA - Early Voting Registration 2020 Primary # 2 (to February 18)

0:25 minutes (400.86 KB)

PSA - Daylight Savings Time 2020 Start (to March 8)

0:20 minutes (318.41 KB)

Daylight Savings Time for 2020 starts on Sunday March 8.

Giving Tuesday NOW 2020 (May 5, 2020)

Giving Tuesday Now is Tuesday May 5, 2020. An online day of giving to non-profits, whose bottom lines have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus.

0:35 minutes (555.14 KB)

PSA - Completing the 2020 Census (to 9/30/2020)

0:39 minutes (616.78 KB)

PSA - Voting Registration & Early Voting # 1 (to 10/05/2020)

0:37 minutes (581.82 KB)

Register to Vote for the 2020 Election.
The deadline to Register in Ohio is October 5.

PSA - Voting Registration & Early Voting # 2 (to 10/05/2020)

Need to check your Voter Registration Status? Go to The deadline to register for the November Election is October 5, 2020. Don't wait!

0:22 minutes (342.08 KB)

The Big Table 2020 PSA - to OCT 16

Promo/PSA for The (Virtual) Big Table - Friday October 16, 2020 For more information, go to

0:44 minutes (689.43 KB)

2020 Census PSA # 2

2020 Census -

0:29 minutes (458.41 KB)

2020 Early Voting PSA # 1 - to November 2 at 1PM

PSA # 1 for Early Voting in Ohio and Franklin County

0:46 minutes (721.67 KB)

2020 General Election Early Voting PSA # 2 (11/02)

0:35 minutes (550.65 KB)

Early Voting Hours in Ohio:
10/06-09; 10/12-16 - 8AM to 5PM
10/19-23 - 8AM to 6PM
10/24 & 10/31 - 8AM to 4PM
10/25 & 11/01 - 1PM to 5PM
10/26-30 - 8AM to 7PM
11/02 - 8AM to 2PM

Polls are Open on Election Day from 6:30AM to 7:30PM on November 3, 2020.

2020 Early Voting PSA - Short Version (11/02/2020)

0:19 minutes (298.41 KB)

Early Voting Hours in Ohio:
10/06-09; 10/12-16 - 8AM to 5PM
10/19-23 - 8AM to 6PM
10/24 & 10/31 - 8AM to 4PM
10/25 & 11/01 - 1PM to 5PM
10/26-30 - 8AM to 7PM
11/02 - 8AM to 2PM

Polls are Open on Election Day from 6:30AM to 7:30PM on November 3, 2020.

The DJBC Happy Hour 10 Years Promo # 1

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PSA - Daylight Savings Time End 2021

0:23 minutes (358.41 KB)

Daylight Savings Time ends on November 7, 2021.
Daylight Savings Time will return on March 13, 2022.

Daylight Savings Time Spring Forward - 3/13/2022

0:15 minutes (238.98 KB)

The 22nd Annual Bryan Awards - FULL TWO HOUR SHOW

1:59:02 minutes (108.97 MB)

The Full Two Hour Podcast of the 22nd Annual Bryan Awards, hosted and produced by ONE Man who awards the Best Shows of the Past Year.

Memoriam (Correct Version):

Bryan Awards 22 - In Memoriam (Amended)

8:33 minutes (7.5 MB)

Weekend Warrior - October 20, 2022

3:07 minutes (2.86 MB)

Here is What's Happening This Weekend:
- HighBall (October 22; 2-11PM; Goodale & Park Streets, Short North;
- Grandview Harvest Hop (October 22; 5-8PM; Grandview Avenue between First and Third Avenues, Grandview Heights;
- Bexley Harvest Festival (October 21; 6PM; Jeffrey Park: 165 N. Parkview Ave., Bexley;
- The Great Pumpkin Aglow (October 19-23; Heritage Park: 60 N. Cleveland Ave., Westerville)
- Circleville Pumpkin Show (October 19-22; Downtown Circleville;
- Pumpkins Aglow (October 19-23 & October 26-30; Franklin Park Conservatory: 1777 E. Broad St., Franklin Park;
- Iowa at Ohio State, "Scarlet Out The Shoe" (October 22 at 12PM; Ohio Stadium: 411 Woody Hayes Drive, Columbus; On TV on FOX, with The "Big Noon Kickoff" LIVE from Campus)
- RENT & The Rocky Horror Show (Short North Stage, Short North;
- Requiem (October 23 at 1:30PM; Holy Rosary/Rock of Faith Church: 1667 E. Main St., South of Main)
- Olde Towne Art Walk (October 23; 700 Collective, Olde Towne East)
- Worthington Sunday Funday (October 23; High Street between State Route 161 and New England Ave., Worthington;

The Weekend Warrior - October 27, 2022

3:15 minutes (3 MB)

Events This Weekend:
- Columbus Symphony presents Ghostbusters (October 28) & Halloween Spooktacular (October 30) at the Ohio Theatre (39 E. State St., Downtown;
- Boo at the Zoo - FINAL WEEKEND! (through October 30; Columbus Zoo and Aquarium; 4850 W. Powell Rd., Powell;
- All Hallow's Eve (October 29; Ohio History Connection; 800 E. 17th Ave., Linden;
- Halloween Village (October 28-31; Streetlight Guild; 1367 E. Main St., Near East Side;
- Halloween on the Square (October 31; 400 Square, Franklinton;
- Boo on Broadway (October 29; Grove City Town Center;

WCRS Announcer - The Weekend Warrior - November 3, 2022

3:14 minutes (2.97 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - December 1, 2022

4:28 minutes (4.11 MB)

Tree Lightings:
Ohio Statehouse
Dublin - Riverside Crossing Park

Canal Winchester - Downtown Canal Winchester
Delaware - Downtown Delaware
German Village - Frank Fetch Park
Grove City - Grove City Town Center
Otterbein University - Towers Plaza
Upper Arlington - Mallway Park
Westerville - City Hall
Whitehall - The Kelley Green at Norton Crossing (Bus - # 10, 24)

Lancaster - Downtown Lancaster
Pickerington - Olde Pickerington
Plain City - Plain City
Reynoldsburg - City Hall (Bus - # 2 to Reynoldsburg)

Bexley - Northeast Drexel Circle, Broad St & Drexel Ave. (Bus - # 10)
Groveport - Groveport
Hilliard - Hilliard Station Park

Grandview Heights - Grandview Community Center

Holiday Festivals:
Statehouse Open House

Canal Winchester - Christmas in the Village
Grove City - Christmas Festival/Mistletoe Market, Grove City Town Center

Delaware - First Friday, Downtown Delaware
Upper Arlington - Winter Fair, Mallway Park (in front of Jones Middle School & Fire Station 95)
Whitehall - Whitehall Wonderland, The Kelley Green at Norton Crossing

Downtown - Discovery District Trolley Hop
Downtown - Winter Fest, Bicentennial Park
Lancaster - Winter Fair
Plain City - Christmas Under The Clock/Route 42 Holiday Hop
Short North - Holiday Hop, High Street between Nationwide Blvd. & 5th Ave., Short North

Clintonville - Holiday Ville!
German Village - Village Lights
Westerville - Sertoma Christmas Parade, State St. between St. Paul the Apostle Church and Electric Avenue

Grandview Heights - Holidays in the Heights, Grandview Avenue between First and Third Avenue, Grandview Heights

Worthington - Illuminating Shopping, High Street between New England and Stafford Avenue, Worthington

The Arts:
Jazz Arts Group Home for the Holidays at the Southern Theatre (through December 4)

The Weekend Warrior - December 8, 2022

4:02 minutes (3.66 MB)

- Obetz (December 10, Lancaster Park; CORRECTION from recording)
- Clintonville (December 11, Whetstone Community Center & Whetstone Library)

- Franklinton Fridays (December 9, Franklinton Arts District)

- White Christmas (Short North Stage; through January 1)
- CATCO New Works Festival for Young Audiences (CPAC; through December 11)
- The Happy Elf (CCT at the Lincoln; through December 23)
- The Nutcracker (BalletMet at the Ohio Theatre; through December 24)
- Dave Koz & Friends Concert (Southern Theatre; December 10)

The Weekend Warrior - December 22, 2022

Holiday events for Christmas weekend 2022.

2:45 minutes (2.52 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - December 29, 2022

3:47 minutes (3.47 MB)

The Weekend Warrior for December 29, 2022

Kwanzaa (Experience Columbus) -
Columbus Underground New Year's Eve -
Greater Columbus Sports Commission New Year's Ideas -

The Weekend Warrior - January 12, 2023

4:44 minutes (4.34 MB)

The Weekend Warrior for MLK Weekend:
Franklinton Fridays (January 13) - Franklinton Arts District
Columbus Symphony - RESPECT: The Music of Aretha Franklin (January 14) - Ohio Theatre

MLK Events:
Capital University (January 16) -
Otterbein University (January 17 & 18) -
Columbus State Community College (January 23-27) -
Streetlight Guild (January 16) -
King Arts Complex & Ohio History Connection (January 16) -
The City of Columbus (January 16) -

The Weekend Warrior - January 19, 2023

1:40 minutes (1.49 MB)

The Weekend Warrior for January 19, 2023

The Weekend Warrior - January 26, 2023

3:38 minutes (3.34 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - February 2, 2023

3:31 minutes (3.2 MB)

Events Happening This Weekend:
Columbus Symphony - Dvorak's New World (February 3 & 4 at Ohio Theatre)
35MM - Imagine Productions at Club Diversity
Intimate Apparel - JCC Gallery Players (February 4 at JCC Columbus)
9 to 5 - CATCO (February 2-19 at Vern Riffe Center)
Slave Play - Short North Stage (through February 19 at Short North Stage)
First Friday - February 3 in Downtown Delaware
Gallery Hop - February 4 in Short North
Franklin Park Conservatory Community Day Celebrates Black History Month - February 5 at Franklin Park Conservatory

The Weekend Warrior - February 9, 2023

3:20 minutes (3.03 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - February 16, 2023

2:48 minutes (2.53 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - March 9, 2023

2:32 minutes (2.32 MB)

Events this Weekend:
- St. Patrick's Day in Dublin (March 11 & 18) - Historic Dublin
- Franklinton Friday (March 10) - Franklinton Arts District
- Dublin State of the Community (March 9) - The Exchange at Bridge Park
- Bexley State of the Community (March 14) - Bexley Public Library
- Westerville State of the Community (March 16) - Renaissance Columbus Westerville-Polaris
- You Can't Take It With You (March 9-12) - Columbus Performing Arts Center (Grandview-Carriage Place Players)

The Weekend Warrior - March 23, 2023

2:09 minutes (1.95 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - April 6, 2023

2:46 minutes (2.54 MB)

Columbus Clippers vs. Charlotte Knights (through April 9; Huntington Park)
Columbus Blue Jackets vs. New York Rangers (April 8; Nationwide Arena)
First Friday - "Earth Day" in Downtown Delaware (April 7; Downtown Delaware;
Into the Woods - Short North Stage (through April 16; Garden Theatre;
But, You Could Have Held My Hand - CATCO (through April 8; Studio Two, Vern Riffe Center;
Health Hub - April 8 (Friendship Missionary Baptist Church - 1775 W. Broad St., Hilltop; 9AM to 2PM)
World on the Move - through April 11 (Columbus Main Library - 96 S. Grant Ave., Discovery District;
The Paw Patrol - April 7-9 (Ohio Theatre;
COTA - May Service Change Meeting - April 13 & 18 (Hybrid;

The Weekend Warrior - April 13, 2023

4:46 minutes (4.35 MB)

Weekend Warrior - April 20, 2023

4:00 minutes (3.65 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - April 20, 2023

The Weekend Warrior - May the Fourth Edition (May 4, 2023)

4:25 minutes (4.07 MB)

May the Fourth Be With You Event - Columbus Metropolitan Library (96 S. Grant Ave., Discovery District;

First Friday "Game Night" - Downtown Delaware (

COSI Science Festival - COSI (333 W. Broad St., Franklinton;
Bexley Yard Sale & FreeCycle - Bexley
Merion Village Yard Sale - Merion Village
Herb Festival - Gahanna (
Gallery Hop - Short North (
The Journey: Civil Rights - Converging Arts Columbus (The Lincoln Theatre: 769 E. Long St., King-Lincoln Bronzeville;

Franklin Park Conservatory Community Day - Franklin Park Conservatory (1777 E. Broad St., Olde Towne EastFRANKLIN PARK;
Olde Towne Art Walk - 700 Collective/The Mansion 731 (Olde Towne East;
Central Ohio Symphony Concert (Gray Chapel - Ohio Wesleyan University: 61 S. Sandusky St., Delaware;

- The Wolves (through May 21; Vern Riffe Center - Studio 2; 77 S. High St., Downtown;
- When We Were Young (May 5-20; Columbus Performing Arts Center: 549 Franklin Ave., Discovery District;
- Disaster! (through May 6; Columbus Performing Arts Center: 549 Franklin Ave., Discovery District;

COSI Science Festival (May 3-6;
Central Ohio Folk Music Festival (May 6-7; Highbanks Metro Park, Lewis Center;

The Weekend Warrior - June 8, 2023

4:58 minutes (4.56 MB)

Among the events the weekend of June 8, 2023...
The Columbus Arts Festival ( [BUS - Various Routes]
Trash to Treasures ( [BUS - # 2, 10, 11, or 22]
Westgate Home Tour ( [BUS - # 10]
Avenue 4 All ( [BUS - # 5]
(614) Day Columbus - JUNE 14!!!

and Pride ALL Over...
- Columbus Metropolitan Library Second Saturdays (; BUS - # 10 & 11)
- Hilliard Pride - Hilliard Station Park (BUS - # 21 & 32)
- Westerville Pride - Westerville City Hall
- Upper Arlington Pride - Mallway Park
- New Albany Pride Market - BrewDog New Albany
- "Light Up The World With Pride" - St. John Episcopal Church, Worthington
- Pride on Pearl (; BUS - VARIOUS Routes)

The Weekend Warrior - June 29, 2023

July Fourth Weekend Warrior 2023

4:29 minutes (4.12 MB)

Here is the Fourth of July Edition of The Weekend Warrior for June 29, 2023.

Columbus On The Cheap:

Experience Columbus:

And there are other events happening this weekend, as well.

The Weekend Warrior - July 6, 2023

4:00 minutes (3.64 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - May 11, 2023

3:45 minutes (3.43 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - July 20, 2023

4:00 minutes (3.63 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - July 27, 2023

3:51 minutes (3.52 MB)

There is a lot happening this weekend:
- The Ohio State Fair is underway.
- The Whitehall Food Truck Festival is Saturday along Yearling Road.
- The Canal Winchester Blues & Jazz Festival is this weekend.
- The Lancaster Festival closes Saturday with Sheryl Crow headlining.
- Fourth Friday is Friday on State Street in Uptown Westerville and Grandview Hop is Saturday along Grandview Avenue in Grandview & 5th by Northwest.
- The Ganthers Place Garden Tour is Sunday in Ganthers Place on the South Side.
- National Night Out is next Tuesday.

Plus LIVE Theatre, Music, and who the Clippers are playing this weekend and next.

The Weekend Warrior - August 3, 2023

3:32 minutes (3.17 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - August 10, 2023

3:25 minutes (3.11 MB)

Among the events happening:
- The 20th Anniversary of the African-American Wellness Walk (August 12 at 7AM, at Livingston Park)
- The Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival (August 10-12 at Huber Park in Reynoldsburg)
- Franklinton Fridays (August 11 in Franklinton)
- Festival Latino (August 12 & 13 at Genoa Park)
- Mid-Ohio Indie Book Expo (August 12 at Mid-Ohio Food Collective)
Plus more!

Central Ohio High School Football Preview 2023 - Week 1

1:54 minutes (1.75 MB)

Week 1 of the 2023 High School Football Season
Dayton Meadowdale at Columbus East (Thursday)

Westerville Central at Westerville North
Groveport Madison at Canal Winchester
Marysville at New Albany
Whetstone at Bishop Watterson (at Ohio Dominican Panther Field)
Newark Catholic at Bishop Ready (at Fortress Obetz)
Sunbury Big Walnut at Bishop Hartley
Teays Valley at Lancaster
Buckeye Valley at Delaware Hayes
Westerville South at Dublin Jerome
Columbus West at Hilliard Davidson
Thomas Worthington at Beechcroft
Northland at Walnut Ridge
Marion-Franklin at Granville
Reynoldsburg at Upper Arlington
Franklin Heights at Bexley
Whitehall at Hamilton Township
Bloom-Carroll at Harvest Prep
Newark at Zanesville
Linden McKinley at Amanda-Clearcreek
Heath at Liberty Union
London at Washington Court House
Toledo Whitmer at Olentangy
Central Crossing at Columbus Independence
Centennial at Grandview Heights
Mifflin at KIPP Columbus
Whitehouse Anthony Wayne at Hilliard Darby
St. Charles at Chillicothe
Westland at Briggs
Watkins Memorial at Worthington Kilbourne
Olentangy Berlin at Hilliard Bradley
Dresden Tri-Valley at DeSales
West Jefferson at Africentric
Pickerington Central at Olentangy Liberty

Games from all over Ohio:

The Weekend Warrior - August 17, 2023

4:40 minutes (4.25 MB)

The Weekend Warrior for August 17, 2023.

The Weekend Warrior - August 24, 2023

4:33 minutes (4.14 MB)

Weekend Events Happening August 25-31, 2023

Among the events:
4th Friday (August 25; State Street between Home and Park Streets, Westerville) (Bus - Westerville COTA Plus)
Wonderbus at CAS (August 25-27; 2540 Olentangy River Road, Columbus) (Bus - Line 1)
Art in the Park (August 26; MPACC Box Park: 925 Mount Vernon Avenue, King-Lincoln Bronzeville) (Bus - Line 7)
Smoke & Fire Festival (August 26; Schneider Park, Bexley) (Bus - Line 1 or 2)
Grandview Hop (August 26: Grandview Avenue between First and Fifth Avenues, Grandview Heights & 5th by Northwest) (Bus - Line 3 or 5)
Merion Village Festival (August 27; Moeller Park, Merion Village) (Bus - Line 4 or 8)

ALSO (not included in Podcast):
Local Author Festival (August 26 at Bexley Public Library) (Bus - Line 2)

WCRS High School Football Preview - 2023 Week 2 (August 25, 2023)

2:00 minutes (1.83 MB)

KIPP Columbus at Eastmoor Academy
Briggs at Whetstone

Worthington Kilbourne at Thomas Worthington
Hilliard Bradley at Hilliard Darby
Westerville South at Westerville Central
Grove City at Hilliard Davidson
Franklin Heights at Westland
Chillicothe at London
Independence at Columbus East
Bishop Hartley at Bloom-Carroll
Bishop Watterson at Dublin Scioto
Centerville at Dublin Coffman
Buckeye Valley at Jonathan Alder
Dublin Jerome at Reynoldsburg
Cleveland Glenville at Olentangy Liberty
Olentangy Berlin at Olentangy Orange
St. Charles at Beechcroft
New Albany at Canal Winchester
Columbus West at Grandview Heights
Upper Arlington at Big Walnut
Westerville North at Central Crossing
Logan at Teays Valley
Hamilton Badin at DeSales
Mount Vernon at Newark
Columbus Academy at Cardington-Lincoln
Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy at Bishop Ready (at Fortress Obetz)
Liberty Union at Hebron Lakewood
Licking Valley at Heath
Centennial at Columbus South
Vinton County at Circleville
Franklin Furnace Green at Grove City Christian
Perrysburg at Marysville
Mifflin at Bexley
Linden McKinley at Africentric
Gibsonia Pine-Richmond (PA) at Pickerington North
Paint Valley at West Jefferson
Dayton Christian at Worthington Christian
Licking Heights at Dresden Tri-Valley
Lancaster at Hamilton Township
Marion-Franklin at Delaware Hayes
Thornville Sheridan at Watkins Memorial
Huber Heights Wayne at Pickerington Central

Northland at Whitehall

Week 2:

Central Ohio High School Football 2023 - Week 3

1:23 minutes (1.27 MB)

Upper Arlington at Pickerington North, Hilliard Davidson at Dublin Jerome, Hilliard Bradley at Westerville Central, Bloom-Carroll at Jonathan Alder, Briggs at Franklin Heights, Canal Winchester at Lancaster, Canton McKinley at Dublin Coffman, Dayton Carroll at Northland, Chillicothe at Westerville North, Central Crossing at Westland, Columbus Academy at Newark Catholic, Eastmoor Academy at Harvest Prep, Granville at Johnstown, Hilliard Darby at Olentangy Orange, Mount Vernon at Delaware Hayes, Olentangy Liberty at Gahanna Lincoln, Olentangy at Westerville South, St. Charles at Independence, Teays Valley at Watkins Memorial, Walnut Ridge at New Albany, Whetstone at Bishop Ready (at St. Francis DeSales H.S.), Thomas Worthington at Grove City

Full Week 3 Slate in Ohio:

Central Ohio High School Football 2023 - Week 4

1:29 minutes (1.37 MB)

Pickerington Central at Pickerington North
Central Crossing at Grove City
Dublin Jerome at Dublin Coffman
Hilliard Darby at Hilliard Davidson
Marysville at Hilliard Bradley
New Albany at Lancaster
Thomas Worthington at Newark
Olentangy Berlin at Olentangy Liberty
Olentangy Orange at Olentangy
Reynoldsburg at Gahanna Lincoln
Whitehall at St. Charles
Fort Loramie at Columbus Academy
Buckeye Valley at Washington Court House
Westerville Central at Upper Arlington
Cincinnati Archbishop McNicholas at Bishop Hartley
Tiffin Columbian at Bishop Watterson (at Ohio Dominican)

Africentric at Walnut Ridge
Centennial at Beechcroft
Independence at Eastmoor Academy
Marion-Franklin at Briggs
Columbus South at Columbus West
Northland at Linden McKinley
Whetstone at Mifflin

Big Walnut at Delaware Hayes
Dublin Scioto at Westerville South
Canal Winchester at Worthington Kilbourne
Westerville North at Franklin Heights

Bloom-Carroll at Amanda-Clearcreek
Circleville at Logan Elm
Fairfield Union at Hamilton Township
Liberty Union at Teays Valley
Fairfield Christian at Grove City Christian

Bexley at Grandview Heights

Mogadore at Newark Catholic (at Newark H.S.)
Columbus East at Dayton Thurgood Marshall

Week 4 Slate:

The Weekend Warrior - September 7, 2023

5:21 minutes (4.88 MB)

Events include:
The Hot Times Festival (September 8-10; Columbus Health Department: 240 Parsons Ave., Olde Towne East; (Bus - # 2 or 11)
934 Fest (September 8 & 9; 934 Gallery: 934 Cleveland Ave., Milo-Grogan) (Bus - CMAX)
Franklinton Fridays (September 8; Franklinton Arts District, Franklinton (Bus - # 3, 6 or 9)
Tressel Bowl 2023: Youngstown State at Ohio State (September 9 at Ohio Stadium) (Bus - # 1 or 2)
Get Happy! Judy Garland Show with the New Albany Symphony (September 8 at Hinson Amphitheater, New Albany)
Over the Rainbow with the New Albany Symphony (September 9 at the McCoy Center for the Arts, New Albany)
The New Albany Walking Classic (September 10 in New Albany)
Powell Street Market (September 10 in Historic Downtown Powell)
For the Love of Hilliard (September 9 in Old Hilliard)

Never Forget 9/11:
National Veteran's Memorial and Museum (Noon on September 11;
Ohio Statehouse (September 7-12;
Hilliard (September 11, First Responders Park: 4020 Main Street, Hilliard)
Worthington (September 11, Village Green, Old Worthington)
Marysville (September 11, Decker Fire Station, Marysville)
Westerville (September 11, First Responders Park: 374 West Main Street, Westerville)
Groveport (September 11, Mott's Military Museum: 5075 S. Hamilton Rd., Groveport;

The Weekend Warrior - September 14, 2023

5:50 minutes (5.33 MB)

Among the Weekend Happenings:
Northland Unity Festival
Short North (Civic Association) Tour of Historic Homes
Otterbein University Homecoming & Family Weekend
The Ohio State/Western Kentucky Football Game
Westside Community Resource Fair
Creekside Hops & Vines

National Voter Registration Day - Tuesday September 19

Central Ohio Friday Football 2023 - Week 6

1:34 minutes (1.44 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - September 21, 2023

4:17 minutes (3.92 MB)

Central Ohio Friday Football - 2023, Week 7 (09/28/23)

1:17 minutes (1.18 MB)

Among the Week 7 Games:
The Mayor/Headmaster Trophy – Columbus Academy at Bexley; Bishop Ready at Whitehall, Eastmoor Academy at Columbus South, Canal Winchester at Westerville North, Grove City at Westerville Central, Delaware Hayes at Westerville South, Hilliard Davidson at Hilliard Bradley, Jonathan Alder at London, Gahanna Lincoln at New Albany, Linden McKinley at Granville, Marysville at Dublin Jerome, Licking Valley at Watkins Memorial, Cleveland Villa Angela-St. Joseph at Bishop Hartley, Thomas Worthington at Olentangy, Worthington Christian at Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington at Olentangy Liberty, Columbus East at Whetstone, KIPP Columbus at Bishop Watterson (at Ohio Dominican)

The Weekend Warrior - Sept. 28, 2023

3:44 minutes (3.39 MB)

Among the Weekend Events...
Worthington Market Day
The (Bexley) Main Event
Grandview Hop/Festival for Good
Otterbein/Capital Football Rivalry

Carmen at the Southern Theatre
POTUS at The Contemporary (Vern Riffe Center)
Ragtime at Columbus Children's Theatre (Lincoln Theatre)
Hitchcocktoberfest at the Gateway Film Center

And more...

Central Ohio High School Football - 2023, Week 8 (10/05/23)

1:23 minutes (1.27 MB)

Among the Week 8 Games:
Bishop Watterson at St. Charles, DeSales at Bishop Hartley, Dublin Coffman at Hilliard Davidson, Walnut Ridge at Eastmoor Academy “The Liberty Bell”, Bexley at Whitehall, Groveport Madison at Pickerington Central, Watkins Memorial at Licking Heights; Bishop Ready at Buckeye Valley, Beechcroft at East, Hilliard Darby at Olentangy, Olentangy Orange at Upper Arlington, Olentangy Liberty at Hilliard Bradley, Westerville Central at Gahanna Lincoln, Westerville South at Canal Winchester, Westerville North at Big Walnut, Grove City at Pickerington North; Thursday: Whetstone at Linden McKinley* and Briggs at Columbus South*
Asterisk = Thursday Game

Week 8 Slate:

The Weekend Warrior - October 5, 2023

5:36 minutes (5.14 MB)

Among the happenings this weekend:
The Columbus Italian Festival
Ohio State Homecoming Parade & Football Game
Fall Taco Festival
Into the Woods Festival
The Big Table

And more!

The Weekend Warrior - October 12, 2023

6:05 minutes (5.54 MB)

Central Ohio Friday Football Preview - Week 10 (2023 - Season Finale)

1:59 minutes (1.81 MB)

Bishop Watterson at DeSales, Pickerington North at Gahanna Lincoln, St. Charles at Bishop Hartley, Linden McKinley at Columbus East, Hilliard Davidson at Upper Arlington, Independence at Walnut Ridge, Africentric at Eastmoor Academy, Grove City at Westland, Lancaster at Newark, Olentangy Orange at Olentangy Liberty, and the Battle of 256: Reynoldsburg at Pickerington Central; Hamilton Township at Logan Elm, Buckeye Valley at Whitehall, Granville at Watkins Memorial, Marysville at Olentangy, Big Walnut at Canal Winchester, Thomas Worthington at Olentangy Berlin, Dublin Coffman at Hilliard Bradley, Bishop Ready at Columbus Academy

Thursday Games: Northland defeated Beechcroft, Marion-Franklin defeated Columbus South

Week 10 Slate:
Last Friday Football Preview of the Season

The Weekend Warrior - October 19, 2023

4:11 minutes (3.8 MB)

WCRS Half-Hour Election Special 2023

29:44 minutes (27.47 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - November 2, 2023

3:10 minutes (2.88 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - November 9, 2023

4:03 minutes (3.71 MB)

The Weekend Warrior (Thanksgiving Edition) - November 23, 2023

2:52 minutes (2.63 MB)

Holiday Happenings:
WORTHINGTON - Old Worthington Open House & Tree Lighting (Sunday 11/26; (BUS - Line 102)
MARYSVILLE - Uptown Marysville (Monday 11/27)
DOWNTOWN - Huntington Train Open House (Wednesday 11/29; Columbus Metropolitan Library: 96 S. Grant Ave., Discovery District; (BUS - Lines 2, 10, or 11)
DUBLIN - 12 Days of Bridge Park (Bridge Park; BUS - Line # 33 to Dublin Metro) & Tree Lighting (Coffman Park), both on Thursday 11/30

The Season of Celebration (starts Black Friday) at COSI ( (BUS - Line 10)
Bill Cohen Sings Songs of Gratitude (Friday 11/24 at Maple Grove UMC; 7 W. Henderson Rd., Clintonville) (BUS - Lines 2, 33, or 102)

A Christmas Carol (11/24-26) & Kinky Boots (11/24-12/31?) (

Small Business Saturday - Saturday 11/25
Cyber Monday - Monday 11/27
Giving Tuesday - Tuesday 11/28

The Weekend Warrior - November 30, 2023

5:11 minutes (4.77 MB)

Holiday Happenings for November 30-December 7, 2023 (and events).

Columbus Jazz Orchestra - "Home for the Holidays" featuring Mamie Parris (November 29-December 3 at Southern Theatre, Downtown)
Columbus Symphony - "Holiday Pops" (December 1-3 at Ohio Theatre, Downtown)
Westerville Symphony (December 1 at Cowan Hall, Otterbein University, Westerville)
Pentatonix (December 2 at Nationwide Arena, Arena District)
Clintonville Community Choir (December 3 at Whetstone High School, Clintonville)

(by day)
DUBLIN - Coffman Park

FRIDAY 12/01
CANAL WINCHESTER - Downtown Canal Winchester
DELAWARE - Downtown Delaware
GERMAN VILLAGE - Frank Fetch Park
GROVE CITY - Grove City Town Center
PICKERINGTON - Olde Pickerington Village
REYNOLDSBURG - Senior Center/Huber Park
UPPER ARLINGTON - Mallway Park (CANCELLED due to Weather; Santa moved to the Municipal Service Building)
WESTERVILLE - City Hall (plus Otterbein University Tree Lighting at Towers Plaza Roush Hall)
WHITEHALL - Kelley Green Park (Bus - # 10 or 24)

PLAIN CITY - Pastime Park
POWELL - Village Green Park
SUNBURY - Village Square

SUNDAY 12/03
BEXLEY - Drexel Circle (Bus - # 10)
GROVEPORT - Heritage Park
HILLIARD - Hilliard's Station Park

MONDAY 12/04
The Ohio Statehouse


SUNDAY 12/10
CLINTONVILLE - Whetstone Community Center & outside Whetstone Library

DUBLIN - December Eve/The Twelve Days of Bridge Park (Bridge Park, Dublin) (Bus - # 33)

CANAL WINCHESTER - Christmas in the Village (also Saturday)
DELAWARE - Home for the Holidays/First Friday (also Saturday & Sunday)
DOWNTOWN - Friday at the Commons (Bus - # 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 11, CMAX, or 102)
GROVE CITY - Mistletoe Market (also Saturday) (Bus - # 3)

The Weekend Warrior - December 7, 2023

5:39 minutes (5.2 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - December 14, 2023

3:51 minutes (3.55 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - December 21, 2023

4:04 minutes (3.74 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - January 18, 2024

3:20 minutes (3 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - January 25, 2024

4:10 minutes (3.82 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - February 1, 2024

5:01 minutes (4.59 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - February 8, 2024

5:09 minutes (4.73 MB)

Among the weekend events:
BalletMet's Alice (February 9 through 11, Ohio Theatre;
A Midsummer Night's Dream (February 8 through 17; Cowan Hall at Otterbein University;

The Weekend Warrior - February 15, 2024

4:51 minutes (4.42 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - February 22, 2024

4:30 minutes (4.09 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - February 29, 2024

3:45 minutes (3.43 MB)

Among the highlights:
- The Arnold Sports Festival
- Franklin Park Conservatory Community Day - Orchids, Bloom and Butterflies, and...
- Franklin Park Civic Association: Back to Our Future

Also this weekend:
- Parsons Avenue Art Hop
- Theatre Roundup: Opera Columbus's Eugene Onegin at Ohio Theatre; Butterfly Guild's Beauty and the Beast at the Palace Theatre; Gallery Player's The Producers at JCC Columbus in Berwick; The Contemporary's Skeleton Crew at Vern Riffe Center
- Michigan looks to sweep their other little brothers, the Ohio B*ckeyes on the Hardwood

The Weekend Warrior - March 7, 2024

2:39 minutes (2.39 MB)

CORRECTION: Three Dog Night/Chris Trapper is at Mershon Auditorium (at the Wexner Center for the Arts), NOT the Schottenstein Center

Events this Weekend include:
St. Patrick's Day in Dublin -
Franklinton Fridays
700 Art Night at 700 Collective in Olde Towne East
Three Dog Night with Chris Trapper at Mershon Auditorium
Arena Sports Ball Saturday - Crew vs. Chicago Fire SC at Field & Blue Jackets vs. Nashville Predators at Nationwide Arena on Saturday
Oscar Galas/Watch Parties - The Gateway Film Center, Drexel, Studio 35

The Weekend Warrior - March 21, 2024

3:00 minutes (2.74 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - March 28, 2024

2:42 minutes (2.46 MB)

Events from March 29 to April 4, 2024

The Solar Eclipse is Coming! April 8, 2024!

The Weekend Warrior - April 4, 2024 (Solar Eclipse Edition)

The Weekend Warrior for April 4, 2024 Solar Eclipse 101 and Events -

5:46 minutes (5.28 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - April 10, 2024

5:19 minutes (4.83 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - April 11, 2024

5:19 minutes (4.83 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - April 18, 2024

5:19 minutes (4.82 MB)

The Weekend Warrior - May 2, 2024

5:05 minutes (4.63 MB)

NOTE: The Bexley Science Festival has MOVED to Montrose Elementary School from 6-8PM on May 3; The Science Bexley Main Event has been POSTPONED to June 21.

(Recorded April 30; Aired May 1 & 2, 2024)

The Weekend Warrior - May 9, 2024

4:24 minutes (4.01 MB)

Among the Weekend Events:
Hell is Real, Part I (May 11; Field)
The Harmony Project (SOLD OUT; May 9 - Moved to the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Battelle Grand Ballroom)
Tina: The Tina Turner Musical (May 7-12; Ohio Theatre)
Hair (May 9-June 9; Short North Stage)
Franklinton Fridays (May 10; Franklinton Arts District)
Love Your Alley Festival (May 11; Jeffrey Park, next to the David H. Madison Pool)
Heart w' Cheap Trick (May 15; The Schott)
Bill Burr (May 16; The Schott)

The Weekend Warrior - May 23, 2024 (Memorial Day Edition)

4:22 minutes (3.96 MB)

Memorial Day Events:
Bexley - Ceremony at Drexel Circle (5/27) (Bus - Line 10)
Driving Park - Rickenbacker Woods Memorial Day Event (5/25) (Bus - Line 1)
Dublin - Ceremony at Dublin Veteran's Park (5/27)
Grandview Heights - Blue Star Ceremony (5/23) & Parade (5/25) (Closest Bus - Line 3, 5, or 22)
Groveport - Heritage Park (5/27)
King-Lincoln Bronzeville - Parade (5/25), starts at Long & Washington (Closest Bus - Line 10)
Worthington - Parade (5/27), followed by Ceremony
Field of Heroes - 5/24 at 5PM to 5/27 at 1:30PM at 325 North Cleveland Avenue, Westerville ( (Bus - CMAX)
National Veteran's Memorial & Museum ( - Ceremony 5/27 at 10AM

Columbus on the Cheap:

Other Events:
Fountain Fest at Bicentennial Park (5/24)
Family Fun Day at Columbus Commons (5/25)
Strawberry Jam at Land-Grant (5/25 & 26)
Bexley Jazz in the Park/Food Truck Festival at Havenwood Park (5/27) (Bus - Line 1 or 2)
4th Friday in Uptown Westerville (5/24)
May Madness (5/25) at Boardman Arts Park in Delaware
Velvet Ice Cream Festival (5/25) at Velvet Ice Cream in Utica
Whitehall Summer Kickoff (5/24) at John Bishop Park in Whitehall

Actors' Theatre - "Beauty and the Beast" (opens 5/23, weather permitting;
Short North Stage - "Hair" (
MadLab - "Theatre Roulette: 25th Anniversary" (

The Weekend Warrior - May 30, 2024

5:58 minutes (5.47 MB)

Here is what is happening this weekend.

Hops on High/Gallery Hop - The first of three Gallery Hops where High Street is closed off, will kick off Pride Month on Saturday June 1. (The other two are September 7, to celebrate 40 years of Gallery Hop, and once again, December 7 for Holiday Hop,) For June, High Street will be closed between Starr and Fifth Avenues.
Olde Towne Art Walk - one of two Art Walks in Olde Towne East this year, Bryden Road will be closed off between Parsons and Garfield, and 700 Studios will be open as well.

Pride Events:
BEXLEY - Pride Walk (May 31 at 5:30PM, starts at Main & Drexel; COTA - Line # 2)
DELAWARE - June 1 & 2 at Boardman Arts Park
SHORT NORTH - Hops on High (June 1 from 12-8PM; High Street between Starr and 5th Avenues; Closest Buses - # 1, 2, and 5 - There will be re-routes, go to http:///, or download the Transit App)
WORTHINGTON - Sunday Funday: Worthington Pride (June 2 from 12-6PM; High Street between South Street and State Route 161; Bus - # 102 - runs every 60 minutes on weekends)

Theatre Events:
Beauty and the Beast (Actor's Theatre)
Hair (Short North Stage)
Theatre Roulette: 25th Anniversary (MadLab - FINAL WEEKEND)
Man of La Mancha (Weathervane - OPENING Weekend)

Columbus Clippers vs. Lehigh Valley IronPigs (Huntington Park; through June 2)
CORRECTION - Columbus Crew at CONCACAF Finals in Mexico (June 1)
Halfway to Beat Ohio Day (May 30; #TheGame on November 30 at Ohio Stadium; Michigan is looking for their first four-game winning streak against their little siblings since 1991; Ohio is looking to just cheat their way to the top again)
The Memorial Tournament kicks off on June 4 at Jack's Place, the Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin (

And these events:
Porchfest (June 1 from 1 to 7PM in Central Bexley) (Closest Buses - Line 2 or 10)

The Weekend Warrior - Pride/614 Day Edition (June 12, 2024)

6:17 minutes (5.79 MB)

We got Pride, Juneteenth, and 614 Day this weekend. Also arts festivals in Grove City and Worthington, a Jazz Festival in Gahanna, an air show at Rickenbacker, plus more.

Juneteenth on the Avenue (June 15 - Mount Vernon Avenue between St. Clair Ave. & 17th St.)
Jubilee Day (June 16 - Ohio History Connection)
Juneteenth Ohio Festival (June 15 & 16 - Genoa Park)
Reynoldsburg (June 18 - Huber Park)
Bexley (June 19 - Jeffrey Mansion Carriage House)
Hilliard (June 19 - Roger A. Reynolds Municipal Park)
New Albany (June 19 - Hinson Amphitheatre)
King Arts Complex (June 19)
Freedom Fireworks (June 19 at Dusk - Columbus State Parking Lot in Discovery District)

Festival & Resource Fair (June 14 & 15 at Goodale Park)
Parade (June 15 at 10:30 SHARP)
Bat N Rouge Softball (June 16 at Dodge Park)
CAPA presents Pride Anthems (June 16 at the Southern Theatre)

DJBC Comfest PSA 2024 # 1

0:49 minutes (780.78 KB)

DJBC Comfest PSA 2024 # 2

0:34 minutes (534.16 KB)

"What Happens Next is Up To You."
VOTE on November 5, 2024

The Weekend Warrior - June 19, 2024

5:59 minutes (5.45 MB)

The Weekend Warrior for June 19, 2024

The German Village Haus und Garten Tour - "A Modern Twist on a Classic" (Pre-Tour on Saturday; Tour itself on Sunday June 23 from 9AM to 4PM)
The Hilltop Bean Dinner (June 22 at Westgate Park in The Hilltop/Westgate)
The Powell Festival (June 21 & 22; Fireworks at 10PM on June 22 at Village Green Park in Powell)
Franklinton Night Market (June 21 outside Wild Goose Creative, Franklinton)

Freedom Fireworks (6/19 at Dusk; Columbus State Parking Lot - Long St. & Washington Ave.)
Whitehall Freedom Celebration (6/22 at 4PM; John Bishop Park)
Westerville We Rise Juneteenth (6/23 at 12PM; The Point at Otterbein University)
Black Author Spotlight Heritage (6/23 at 1:30PM; Martin Luther King Library)
(Reynoldsburg, Hilliard, and Bexley Juneteenth took place before the airing of this segment on WCRS on June 18, 19, and 19, respectively)

Rainbow Reynoldsburg Pride (6/22 at 4PM; Huber Park)
Granville Pride (6/22 at Denison University)
Westerville Pride (6/22 at State & Home Streets, Uptown Westerville)
Gahanna Pride (6/26 at 4PM; Hannah Park)

Sports Ball:
Columbus Crew vs. Sporting KC (6/22 at Field)

Theatre Roundup:
The Lion King (Ohio Theatre in Downtown Columbus)
Chicken and Biscuits (Actor's Theatre, Schiller Park in German Village; NOTE: Performances are weather dependent; please check beforehand)
It's A Wonderful Life the Radio Play (Otterbein Summer Theatre at Otterbein University in Westerville)
Big Fish (Little Theatre Off Broadway in Grove City)
The Pirates of Penzance (Opera Project Columbus at The Lincoln Theatre in King-Lincoln Bronzeville)
The Music Man (Arena Fair at Willis Theatre in Delaware)
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (The Abbey Theater in Dublin)

BANNED! (6/22; Columbus Gay Men's Chorus at the Davidson Theatre, Vern Riffe Center in Downtown)

The Weekend Warrior - June 26, 2024

5:01 minutes (4.59 MB)

Comfest is this weekend at Goodale Park. Come say "Hi" to WCRS/WGRN/Radio 614 Volunteers/Personalities.

JUNE 29:
Westland (starts at West Broad Street and Old Village Road, ending at Norton Middle School, 9AM

Red, White & Boom!, Starts at Bicentennial Park, 5:30PM

JUNE 29:

Red, White & Boom!

The Weekend Warrior - July 4, 2024

4:06 minutes (3.78 MB)

It is America's Birthday! We have fireworks, baseball, soccer, patriotism, and the arts this weekend.

Local 4th of July Fireworks:
Experience Columbus:
Northland Parade:
Doo Dah Parade:
Clintonville Fourth Preview:
Fireworks Mix XIV:

JULY 3 (Weather Permitting):
Red, White & Boom!, Starts at Bicentennial Park, 5:30PM

JULY 4 (Weather Permitting):
Bexley ("Beautifully Bexley"); Starts at 9:30AM at Maryland Elementary School
Delaware: Starts at 3PM at Delaware County Fairgrounds
Dublin ("Let Freedom Ring"): Starts at 11AM at Metro Place, ending at South High Street and Waterford Drive
Gahanna ("A Red, White, and Blue City"): Starts at 10:30AM at Clark Hall
Groveport: Starts at 10:30AM at Glendening Elementary School
Hilliard ("Celebrate the Red, White and Blue"): Starts at 9AM at Franklin County Fairgrounds (with Grand Marshal Libby Gierach, former Director of the Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce)
New Albany (Starts at 11AM at New Albany Middle School)
Northland ("Diamonds of Columbus"): Starts at 10AM at Karl Road (just north of Morse Road, ending at Karl and Hempwood Drive at Karl Road Baptist Church)
Orange Township: Starts at 10AM at Olentangy Orange Middle School
Pickerington: Starts at 10AM
Reynoldsburg: Starts at 10AM at Main Street and Rosehill Road, ending at Davidson Drive
Westerville ("Red, White and Blue. America. For Me and You."): Starts at 10:30AM at St. Paul the Apostle Roman Catholic Church
Whitehall ("The Future of Whitehall Is Bright"): Starts at Yearling Road and E. Broad St.
Worthington Hills ("Totally '80s")


The Weekend Warrior - July 10, 2024

6:31 minutes (6.02 MB)