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Aaron Carmack -----Italian Village Community Garden

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Frank Elmer and Ruth Glass have the property for sale for a price of about $130,000.
Carmack, one of the people gardening here said “everybody knows that the day that this lot sells, the days are numbered then for the garden.”

But for the past 3 years neighbors here have been growing flowers and vegetables. There are 16 raised beds, each about 4 ft x 16ft.

The garden gets plenty of sun all day. And this year Carmack and neighbor Jason Slaygle installed an irrigation system that operates automatically, watering the garden between 3 and 5 am each day. This cuts down on the amount of time they have to spend on watering, and according to some of the gardeners here, also cuts down on the amount of water used.

The water is drawn from Carmack’s home a couple hundred feet away. The cost is split among the gardeners.

And there is some involuntary sharing going on as well.