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Cynthia McKinney interview, by Evan Davis

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Fall, 2006-WCRS producer Evan Davis travels the country to obtain relevant interviews in the matter of election reform: 9/06: A look at the state of voting rights in Ohio in light of new evidence of election fraud and new legislation affecting voters. This was produced for Pacifica's Sprouts program and features an nterview with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Your Music September 1, 2008

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green talk

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Mountain Top Removal Documentary and Protest Rally Coverage with Host Evan Davis

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Welcome to Conscious Voices, a weekly program that seeks to promote both thought and activism on a variety of issues affecting the community and our collective future. I'm evan Davis, your host for this edition.

Ocsea rally psa Thursday, May 5

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Gasland psa Friday, May 6

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C'Ville Farmer's Mkt psa good through Oct 29

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Peace vigil psa ( evergreen)

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Worthington Plat Sale psa ( Saturday, May 7)

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Conscious Voices ; Ohio Energy bill and Fracking pt 1

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Part 1 of a 2-part CV on the Governor's proposed energy bill, which critics say is a package of give-aways to the Fracking industry. Interviews with town state representative Bob Hagan, Ohio Environmental Council's Jack Shaner and Trish Demeter,former Strickland energy adviser Mark Shanahan.

Conscious Voices Ohio energy bill and Fracking part 2

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Party 2 of a special Conscious Voices edition on Ohio's new energy policy and Fracking

Conscious Voices at the Don't Frack Ohio convergence

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Panel presentation by Alison Auciello of Food and Water Watch, discussion of Fracking threat to Mohican state park, and commentary.