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Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan on taxes, fracking, and rebuilding US manufacturing.

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Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan

In the photo above: Ohio Congressman Ryan and Ashley Allison a Franklin County organizer for Obama for America (OFA) talk outside the Short North Tavern on Sept 15.

Ryan was in Columbus to help fight against Ohio SB 5 and Ohio HB 194. After speaking with Ryan, I'm inspired, surprised and confused.

I'm inspired ordinary people such as myself can engage with politicians who spend much of their time in D.C. But
I'm surprised he said fracking (if done right) is a way to address Global Warming. And I'm confused by his support for a flat tax that is somehow progressive. I didn't know the two were compatible.

First, the congressman's remarks about taxes, then on to fracking and rebuilding US manufacturing.

Tom Over : What is your opinion on raising taxes on big corporations and the super wealthy. 1 percent of the US population controls 40 percent of the wealth. Meanwhile we're hearing about cuts to education and union busting affecting cops and firefighters. What's your opinion on progressive taxation ?

Congressman Ryan: I've been one of the few voices in Congress over the past couple of years making sure we do ask the top 1 percent to pay more. I don't think we have anything to be ashamed of.

If you look at the income that was controlled by the top 1 percent in the late 70s, it was about 9 percent of all the income in the country. Now the top 1 percent controls about 25 percent of real income in the country.