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The Southside Shall Rise Again! January 20, 2014

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Join us this week as Youth Beat Radio travels to the Southside neighborhood of Columbus. Need something to do? Hear about the many activities of the Barack Community Center, part of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. The show highlights the APPS program (Applications for Purpose, Pride, and Success), a unique program for youth ages 14-21 started by Mayor Michael B. Coleman with the goal of teaching life skills and reducing community violence. We also feature interviews with Cheyenne Rozelle, playwright and director of the musical stage play “The Southside Shall Rise Again” and cast members. The play was recently held at Barack Recreation Center. This show is not only informational, but encouraging because it ignites unity and pride in a community! Stay tuned for more activities from this part of Columbus.

Lessons, Learning, and Life - April 21, 2014

29:37 minutes (27.12 MB)

Youth Beat takes a serious tone this week as we cover some of life's challenges and ways we learn from them. Hear heartfelt stories of a family member in prison and dealing with a cancer diagnosis. We also take a look at homework and how it relates to academics. What are your everyday habits? Listen to ways common habits can turn into addictions.