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Tom Over -- on location at Occupy DC.

45:56 minutes (63.08 MB)

Tom captures the sounds and passionate energies of Occupy DC. Included are interviews with Jim Hightower, activists from the U.S., Egypt, and Tunisia.

Van Jones speaks at Pipefitters Union Hall and Tom Over reports from Occupy DC

57:29 minutes (78.95 MB)

Conscious Voices - Discussion of voter ID req'ts and Defense Auth. Bill allowing military detention of U.S. citizens

53:59 minutes (49.43 MB)

Evan speaks by phone with Marcia Johnson-Blanco of the Voting Rights Project on the topic of voter ID requirements and the disenfranchisement that can result as a consequence.

On the second half of the program, Evan speaks with Mike Breen of the Truman Nat'l Security Project regarding apparent compromise of U.S. citizens' rights by an anti-terrorism inclusion in the current Defense Authorization Bill.

Conscious Voices Ohio energy bill and Fracking part 2

58:30 minutes (53.56 MB)

Party 2 of a special Conscious Voices edition on Ohio's new energy policy and Fracking

Oct. 17, 2012 - Interview with Ohio House candidates Maureen Reedy and Donna O'Connor

27:18 minutes (24.99 MB)