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Conscious Voices--Shawn Paulson talks with protestors at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh

31:49 minutes (29.14 MB)

Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman with Tom Over live on Conscious Voices 2-19-10

42:17 minutes (38.72 MB)

They discuss the problems with nuclear power and the role activism plays with this and other issues.

Betsy Loeb on how her work in the community connects w/ N.W. Earth Institute course Healthy Children Healthy/Healthy Planet

59:54 minutes (54.85 MB)

Conscious Voices at the Don't Frack Ohio convergence

58:49 minutes (53.85 MB)

Panel presentation by Alison Auciello of Food and Water Watch, discussion of Fracking threat to Mohican state park, and commentary.