Play Boy JazznRoll 7-20-22

Wednesday 7pm

Pink Siifu - Richard Pryor
Blackthought w Dangermouse - Aquamarine
Robert Glasper w Q - Tip w Esperanza Spalding - Why We Speak
Rawls + LCP -Tribute to Tribe
JRawls- Stay
Dehd - Memories
The Archeas -Rock N Roll
Black Thought w Dangermouse - No Gold Teeth
Jrawls - Swing

Wes Anon's Rock N Roll 7-13-2022

7pm Wednesday
92. 7 / 98.3

Blackthought w Dangermouse - Aquamarine
Serge Gainsbourg - Initials BB
Neutral Milk Hotel - In Aeroplane Over The Sea
Parquet Courts- Normalization
Shellac - Be Prepared
Joey Bad-A$$ - Head High
Zola Jesus - Undertow
Miden and Ahnamusica -New Beginnings
BlackThought w Joey Bad A$$ w Dylan Cartlidge w Dangermouse- Because
The Descendants - I'm Just A Square
Tony's Theme - Morodor
Earl Sweatshirt w Alchemist - Loose Change
Spiritualized - Mainline Song
Rachika Nayar - Clarity
Flying Lotus- You Don't Know
National - Pretty In Pink


7pm Wednesday
92. 7 / 98.3

Crass - Women
Gregory Issacs - If I Don't Have You
Kendrick Lamar - Control Verse
Jack White - Eosophobia Reprise
Jack White - Love Is Selfish
Hossam Ramzy - Khusara Khusara
Shabbazz Palaces - Free Press + Curl......... Live @ Third Man
Jack White + Electric Mayhem - You Are Sun of My Life..... Live @ Sesame Street
Parquet Courts - Normalization
Great Plains - Dick Clark
RJD2 - Itch Ditch Mission
White Stripes- Same Boy You've Always Known
X-Clan - Verbs of Power
Revs - The Turtle
Turnstile - Sailin
Janes Addiction - Summertime Rolls

July 4th, 2022 Aaron Hall Celebration

Aaron Hall's story is truly inspiring:

listen--- >

Aaron Hall satisfied beautiful women, and made money with R+B sensations Guy, and during an impressive solo career.

R. Kelly appeared, and stole Aaron Hall's style.

Aaron Hall had to endure years of a man peeing on little girls while stealing his style.

R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison last week.

We are celebrating Aaron Hall this weekend.

Aaron Hall's perseverance achieved justice which makes United States Of America a country which could overcome any wrongs if we stick the things we believe in.

And.....this is important: AARON HALL KNEW 2Pac.


Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show
Wednesdays 7pm
92.7 / 98.3

Dungen- Nattena Sista Strimma Ljus
Beastie Boys - Bad Brains Cover
Turnstile - Sailin'
Flying Lotus - You Don't Know
Wyd - Death
BDP - Build + Destroy
David Porter - I am Afraid the Masquerade is Over
Dennis Edwards w Siedah Garrett- Don't Look Any Further
070 Shake
Adrian Young - Summertime
Black Thought w Dangermouse - Because
Black Keys - Happiness


Saturday 11pm

Democrats need 60 Pro-Choice Senate Votes
El-P's High Water Music Instrumental During Speaking
Beastie Boys Bad Brains
Democrats need 60 Pro-Choice Senate Votes
BDP – Build And Destroy
Bikini Kill – I Like F*cking
Cam’Ron Bobbito Stretch Armstrong Freestyle
Beck – True Love Will Find You In the End
Sarah Silverman
OTG The Roots Repeat Offender Freestyle
Andre 3000 – Player’s Ball Freestyle
Turnstile – Sailin Bad Brains
2Pac- Brenda’s Got A Baby

I didn't script this. A friend suggested I record my pro-choice ideas impromptu.


Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show
Wednesdays 7pm
92.7 / 98.3

Dangermouse - Morning Fog
Josephine Philip - Clue
Black Thought w Dangermouse w Joey Badass w Dylan Cartlidge w Russ - Because
Adrian Younge - Summertime
Blondie - Moonlight
Tyler, the Creator w Nigo - Come On, Let's Go
The Clash - White Riot
Waxahachie w Winnona Judd - Other Side
Hank Williams Jr. - Georgia Women
Thirstin Howl - Women's Dream
BDP - Build and Destroy
Turnstile - New Heart Design
Revs - The Turtle
Blakroc - Vista
Head High - Joey Bad A$$
Municipal Waste - Grave Dive

June 15 wesflex anon rocknroll playboyjazz party

wes Flexner anon
92.7 / 98.3
7pm wednesdays

Gianfranco Reverberi and Gian Piero Reverberi - Last Man Standing
Black Thought w Danger Mouse w Joey BadA$$ w Russ w Dylan Cartlidge - Because
J-Rawls - Trust
RJD2 - Itch Ditch Mission
Las Bachas - Con Le Pena
Adrian Young- Visions
Serge Gainsbourg -Initials B.B.
Bad Brains - Sailin'
BDP - Build + Destroy
The Smile - Thin Thing
Black Keys - Happiness
Black Thought w Dangermouse - No Gold
Kate Bush - Running up a Hill


Wes Flexner's Rocknroll Show
92.7 / 98.3
7 pm wednesdays

Unkle w Th0m Yorke- Rabbit in Your Headlights
Futura- Escapades of Futura
Bright Eyes + Phoebe Bridgers - St. Ides Heaven
King Tee - St. Ides Commercial
PBJ - Young Folks
Revs - The Turtle
Turnstile - Sailin
Turnstile - Mystery
Awakening - Set The Nasdaq on Fire
Black Thought- On the Go Freestyle
Black Thought w DangerMouse
w Joey Bad A$$ w Russ W Dylan Cartlidge -Because
Parquet - Normalization
Black Keys - Happiness
Sylvie Mix - Too Far
Beastie Boys - Bad Brains


wednesdays 7pm
anonrocknroll st. ides heaven
92.7 / 98.3

J-Rawls- Trust
rjd2 - itch ditch mission
municipal waste - poser disposer
son of dribble
Turnstile- Sailin
Killed in Action - C.R.A.A.C.
Winona Judd w Waxahatchee - Other side
Hank Williams JR. - Georgia Woman
lucero - Noon As Dark As Midnight
Elliot Smith - St. Ides Heaven
EPMD - St. Ides Commercial
Black Keys - Happiness
Black Thought + Danger Mouse - No Gold Teeth
The Smile - Thin Thing

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