JP Marat - Elle King

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JP Marat - Ryan Gosling - Dead Man's Bones

This installment of 'Big Barking Dog Alternative Radio' originally aired in June of 2014 under the name "BBD - Black Panther Party." It is one of my favorite and most popular shows earning over 175hrs of plays and downloads. The first track "PaPa Power" is a song by actor Ryan Gosling, his friend Zach Shields and their Alternative band named "Dead Man’s Bones." Other acts featured in this show include: Foster the People, Matt & Kim, Little Daylight (Twice as Nice Remix), Parquet Courts, Good Shade, Bob Mould, Claire, Mowglis, Nina Simone, Roxy Music, Bobby Seale, Jimi Hendrix, Medgar Evers and James Brown.

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Be Heard - WCRS

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JP Marat - Big Barking Dog - Jack White

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WCRS News - WCRS Weather Now Forecast for Thursday 9/20/2012

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Dry tonight and Tomorrow Morning but looking at a wet Friday Evening Commute home.

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