Conscious Voices Twilight Bey on the 25 anniversary of the ganbg truce, and Dennis Kucinich at Comfest

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In answer to the on-going controversy over the incident at Comfest regarding a band having been told not to play a particularly incendiary song, "Fuck the Police", written 30+ years ago in response to systemic police brutality in South Central L.A., we have a recent interview with Twilight Bey, one of the members of The Bloods who signed the historic truce between the Crips and the Bloods. It speaks to the circumstances that inspired the song, and reveals an alternate perspective - one of a gang member-turned community organizer as opposed to that of a commercially successful singer commenting from a particular social niche.
The interview was conducted by Pacifica Radio's Davey D.
Also, audio from a speech given by Dennis Kucinich at this year's Comfest.