Loose 5.16.19

Two hours of mostly new music.
  • Artist: Loose
  • Title: 5.17.19
  • Length: 1:56:40 minutes (267.04 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Joint stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)

a photo of homemade chlorine bombs

ATM - Pull Down Your Pants
Uranium Club - Michael's Soliloquy
Boy Harsher - Tears
Haram - American Police
Mystic Inane - Polite Society
Groove Domestic Product - Desperation Blues
Mattin - March
Richard Papiercuts - Starless Summer Night
Dark Blue - Challenge of Death
Circuit Des Yeux - A Story Of This World Part II
US Girls - Time
Molchat Doma - Na Dne
Chronophage - Wedding

Lavender Flu - Dream Cleaners
Timmy Vulgar's Genetic Armageddon - Chemical Imbalance
Puffy Aereolas - Dark Places
Misery - All Of Us
Suffering Luna - Near Death (Can't Put Down The Pipe)
Hieroglyphic Being - Youth Brainwashing and the Extremist Cults
Black Seed - Transit Gate
Dunkeltier - The Blade
Tommy Jay & The General - Cold Steel Blue Eyes