Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 3/10/21

Judy Chicago Vegan Dinner Party Episode
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Judy's induction into the National Women's Hall of Fame will happen in 2021.

Judy Chicago's "Dinner Party" installation was first shown in 1979. It was a dinner setting with 39 ceramic plates. Chicago's premise was that women's existences were ignored in documentation.
A theoretical dinner party with 39 famous women would make people meditate about women.
Tonight's episode of Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show is a dinner party with vegan women.
This show is vegan women's music and is making funny with some men vegan women influenced.
I don't know if Judy Chicago is vegan.

Erykah Badu*- the Healer
Erykah Badu* w. Common* - Love Of My Life
J. Jett* - I Love Rock N Roll
Eminem- Remind Me
produced By Rick Rubin which samples "I Love Rock N Roll"
Eminem isn't vegan.
Janet Jackson* w. Chuck D**- New Agenda
Speedy Ortiz* - Puffer Open Mic Eagle Remix
Speedy Ortiz* w Lizzo* - Puffer Remix
Joan Armatrading* - I'm Lucky
10cc - Worst Band in The World
Murder Junkies- Bad Habits - Joan Armatrading cover
While the Murder Junkies aren't vegan they cover a vegan woman's song + you could argue that they were the worst band in the world.
Pretenders *- My City Was Gone