Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 5-12-2021

Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show
Wednesdays 7pm Columbus, Ohio
/ 6pm Chicago / 5pm Colorado / 4pm California
92.7 / 98.3 wcrsfm.org

Discharge - Free Speech For The Dumb
wesflexner ran errands so he is sexy but maybe not saying much
Flying Lotus - Between Memories feat. Niki Randa
Greggory Peck- False Sound
The Faction - California Dreamin
Metallica - Commando
Clifford Brown - Yesterdays
Blitzkrieg - Blitzkrieg
Junior Kimbrough- Do the Romp
wesflexner is playing originals, covers, things people sampled
Entombed - March Of The S.O.D. - Sargent 'D' & The S.O.D
weed democracy 3cb
Dinosaur Junior - Just Like Heaven
Dinosaur Junior - Fade into You
Barrington Levy - Murderer
RZA's 36 Cinema is Screening Wild Style
Barrington Levy- Under Mi Sensi
Black Sabbath - Behind The Wall Of Sleep
bsa hip hop salutes reggae influence again
Killed In Action - Nothing 2 Lose
Ramp - Daylight
w. watts- Underdog Cartoon theme song