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Female Musicians

Free-form program featuring music by female-identifying artists across time, space, and genres.

With less than 25% of recording artists today identifying as female and only around 12% of those artists writing their own songs, Witches Brew aims to shine a spotlight on an under-represented population of singers and songwriters.

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Witches Brew- Episode 33

90's New Jack Swing

1:00:11 minutes (110.21 MB)

Track List
1. Nuttin' Nyce- Down 4 Whateva
2. En Vogue- My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
3. Jade- Don't Walk Away
4. Nicole Renee Harris- Strawberry
5. Zhane'- Sending My Love
6. Beverley Knight feat. Redman- Made It Back
7. Mariah Carey- Emotions
8. Nona Gaye- I'm Overjoyed
9. Helen Bruner- Do Ya
10. Lisa Lisa + Cult Jam- Let the Beat Hit 'Em
11. Patra- Pull Up to the Bumper
12. Tina Moore, Kelley G.- Never Gonna Let You Go
13. Shanice- Don't Wanna Love You
14. D-Influence- Hypnotize

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