anonrocknroll 02012023

92.7 /98.3
7pm Wednesday

Andrae Crouch - Take Me Back
Pillowtalk - Yeah
Turnstile - Celebrate
Camu Tao - Bird Flu
RL Burnside - Going Down South

Pillowtalk - Downtown Unga Wunga
Downtown Unga Wunga 7” EP

All you minimal synth freakers out there working on your seventh album, pay attention. This is how you’re supposed to be doing it. Make it weird and sinister, not geeky and diffuse. Figure out your gear, get your shit straight and gain a mastery of your setup. Disregard everything. Sound unhinged, unemployable, and fucked up. Play like you’ve actually had sex with the partner of your choice in the past few weeks. Fuck with everything visual so that your artwork is alternately memorable and mundane. And be sure to put a locked groove at the end of each side. Maybe then you could stand up to Pillow Talk, who’s made the best electronic/synth/punk/drug jammer for since Spider. Finding records like this is the reason I keep writing through all the lousy ones. Scorching. SHOCKING. A must-own. Hurry up. 500 copies.

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
Wild Style Theme
Black Keys - Wild Child
Lozone, Daymon Dodson, The Early Riser -Fuck The Foul Mouth Ducks
Camu - The Moment
JR, Kimbrough - Walk With Me
The Arcs -River
Flying Lotus - You Don't Know
RL Burnside- Mellow Peaches
James Gang -Walk Away

Television - Marquee Moon