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WCRS-LP FM is a non-commercial, listener-supported community radio station serving Central Ohioans, providing quality programming to:
•Promote personal and civic responsibility, informed action and thoughtful living;
•Challenge cultural and intellectual assumptions;
•Celebrate local cultures;
•Air alternative points of view and facilitate understanding through dialogue;
•To provide media training and to foster community empowerment and participation.
•To provide representation for under-served and under-represented constituencies
and viewpoints, and to provide news and information not commonly found elsewhere
on the airwaves.

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Icy J - Prorgressive Grind (ECCLECTIC) Remaster

1:00:00 minutes (137.34 MB)

Street Fight Radio - Taking Calls With Grove City Erika

2:52:58 minutes (231.32 MB)

We had Grove City Erikah in the studio to take calls

// Good Going Away Numbers // Futzing Around On The Internet // 3 Vacations To Myrtle Beach // Take Off That // Disrespectful Shirt // Ready To Be Old // England Is Myrtle Beach // Nobody Complains They Get Away // Being Loud In Your New Place // Citalopram And Kratom // Another Meeting For Being Stupid // Gentrification Bike Paths // Liberation Songs Of ICE // Google Voice // Bootlicker Drug Dealers // $65 A Day To Be My Friend // Weed Stores Are Hip // Good Working Monkey Wrencher //

Closing Song - Maxo Kream - 5200

9/11 Building 7 - Martin Noakes - 9th Column - D. Austin

56:20 minutes (77.38 MB)

The World Outside Our Window - July 16, 2018

On this week's episode of Youthbeat Radio, we'll meet two teens using an internship to unite a community effected by gun violence, middle school and high school students working with Case Western University to study ecosystems in northern Ohio, and a family discussing the importance of getting outdoors at the Miami Valley No Child Left Inside Conference. We'll also take a look at Ohio's forests, the history behind them, and a popular bird that resides in them.

28:35 minutes (39.26 MB)

Street fight Radio - The Cost Of Being Alive

1:33:18 minutes (91.72 MB)

This is the basement throwdown

// Living Life On Tips // History of Arrests // Burger King Update // Papa John Racism // The Uline’s Are Taking Over // Voicemails // //

Closing Song - The Heartbreakers - Born To Lose

9/11 Building 7 - Martin Noakes


Our voice mail is 614-918-7455 and the email is

JP Marat - Five Leaves Left by Nick Drake

This afternoon we explore a forgotten folk masterpiece from 1969.

58:26 minutes (106.99 MB)

# 262 - Television Theme Songs of the 1970s

2:02:25 minutes (112.07 MB)

Tonight on the show, television theme songs from the 1970s. Sitcoms, Game Shows, Cop Shows, Variety Shows. We tried to cram them in. -9th Column - D. Austin

56:41 minutes (77.85 MB)

Conscious Voices Reproductive rights versus Kavanaugh (Now We're In The SUP)

1:00:00 minutes (82.4 MB)

Interview with National Abortion Rights Action League Ohio chapter deputy director Jaime Miracle on the status of abortion rights and the struggle ahead in light of the recent Supreme Court nomination.

Bus Bass Show Vol 126

58:15 minutes (66.67 MB)

Dj Hawstyle rinsin out some more Jungle dnb. Enjoy :)

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