Bob Larson - 04/27/19 Hour 2

I’ll be playing jazz of all styles; hard bop, vocal, fusion, big band, latin, etc. Anything with a jazz influence may be a candidate. I’ve been collecting music all of my adult life and now have the opportunity to share it. Also, there will be a lot of local artists, past and present.

Mingus Big Band - Tensions - I Am Three
Lisa Clark Augis - April Showers - The Colossal Joy Project
Pepper Adams - Dexter Rides Again - Urban Dreams
Stan Kenton - Quiet Friday - Fire, Fury and Fun
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five - Dave Brubeck's Greatest Hits
Don Ellis - Whiplash - Soaring
Gary Carney/John Ulrich - After You've Gone - Montage of Jazz Albums
Steve Wilson - Turnin' The Corner - Chick Corea Presents Originations
Pat Metheny Group - If I Could - First Circle