Bob Larson - 05/09/20 Hour 2

I’ll be playing jazz of all styles; hard bop, vocal, fusion, big band, latin, etc. Anything with a jazz influence may be a candidate. I’ve been collecting music all of my adult life and now have the opportunity to share it. Also, there will be a lot of local artists, past and present.

Tania Maria - Don't Go - The Best of Tania Maria
Kim Pensyl - Whip Snap - Places I've Been
Gil Scott-Heron - The Bottle - The Best Of Gil Scott-Heron
Mike Stern - Loose Ends - Jigsaw
Freddie Hubbard - Whistling Away The Dark - Sweet Return
Vanessa Perica Orchestra - Saint Lazare - Love is a Temporary Madness
Richard "Groove" Holmes - Isole Natale - Workin' On a Groovy Thing
Miles Davis - Blue in Green - Kind Of Blue
Seeds of Fulfillment - Tight Squeeze - Seeds of Fulfillment
Quincy Jones - Dreamsville - Explores the Music of Henry Mancini