WCRSFM.org - Show 61

WCRSFM.org - 9th Column - D. Austin

Countdown To Armageddon - Public Enemy
Welcome To The Terrordome - Public Enemy
Blackman In Effect - KRS One
Bringing The Godz Back - Capone N Noreaga (feat. Sadat X)
Sacred Writings Of The 9 - Lord Supreme (feat. Frost & Dr. Fuhror)
Dogg Star - Ladybug Mecca
Who's The Mack - Ice Cube
El Of Elohs - Lord Supreme
Surpreme Mathmatics - Lord Jamar
Verbal Milk - XClan
The Pro-Pagan-Dis - Lenad Nitsa - EL
Science Projects (Instrumental) - Killah Priest
Knuckle Head - Grover Washington Jr.