The World Party - December 1, 2020 Show

Tonight's show features energetic alternative music from around the globe! Featuring some of the latest music from Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Finland, Mexico, Japan and more!! Broaden your horizons and feel like you are driving your car listening to the radio in each of those countries. Let's have a party and travel the world in one hour!

Artists and songs played:

Teknova - Tarantella 2K20
Aleks Syntek - El Ataque de las Chicas Cocodrilo
Paolo Ortelli - Ballo Male
Modern Talking - You're My Heart You're My Soul
Kendji Girac - Que Dieu Me Pardonne
Angele - Oui ou Non
Sofi Tukker - Swing
Yello - Waba Duba
Hubert Kah - Wenn Der Mond Die Sonne Beruhrt
TbO & Vega - Lambada 2K17
Mitya Fomin - Всё будет хорошо
Aiobahn - ここにいる (I'm Here) (feat. rionos)
Masaki Suda - Sayonara Elegy
Culcha Candela - Rhythmus Wie Ein Tanzer
Niels Destadsbader - Nooit Alleen
Portion Boys - Maanantai
Celtas Cortos - Cuéntame un Cuento