Various - pat radio #194 Lost Weekend Super Summer Spectacular

Kyle of Lost Weekend Records stops by with Chris Barton of the Skilletlickers to hype the Super Summer Spectacular, happening at Ruby Tuesday. Pat also plays bands that are featured at the Pabst Rendezvous, Part Deux.

Magic City - "OH/IO (Washington Beach Party)" unreleased
Columbus Power Squadron - "A.C.D.c." live at Ruby Tuesday 8-15-09 (unreleased)
Pat Dull And His Media Whores - "Lisa Sez" from Gimme The Whores
Media Whore - "1984" from Master of Pop Hits
Media Whores - "Goodbye and Goodluck" from Drunk on Pirate Radio
Marvin the Robot - "Broad and High" from Columbus Needs A Mountain
Daycreeper - "Problem at Hand" 7"
Skilletlickers - "Double Shot of My Baby's Love" from Gunshot
The Obviouslies - "A Couple Honest Years" 7"
Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch - "The Grindstone Kid" from Andrew Graham's Good Word
Super Desserts - "Wicker Chair, or What Happened" from Twee as Folk
Terribly Empty Pockets - "Bend Over Backwards" unreleased
Pomegranates - "Beachcomber" from Everybody, Come Outside!
Guinea Worms - "Kick In The Door" from Sorcererers of Madness (4rd year in a row)
Moops - "My Jalopy" from Recess in Purgatory
DevotchKa - "Somethin' Stupid" from Curse Your Little Heart