The World Party - 30 Seconds Promo


The World Party features energetic and eclectic dance and Party music from all corners of the globe!

Cool music you won't hear on any other radio station in Ohio

  • Each program is podcast and additionally available for download on the WCRS website within 48 hours of airing.
  • Comments on and suggestions for The World Party are always welcome!  To do so, please call WCRS during regular business hours.
  • Song requests and suggestions are possible by calling WCRS during regular business hours.  Your request or suggestion will be recorded and delivered to the producer.  Your song request(s) might be played during a future show.  When contacting WCRS, please mention your name and location where you are listening to the station (city, neighborhood, state, and country - if listening on-line).  We now have listeners throughout the Columbus area and now in various parts of the world due to our live on-line streaming of our radio signal on the internet.