Various - pat radio March 18 10 - 11 pm

The second hour of the show this week is a bit of a departure...Like the show I did on March 4, this is (mostly) a selection of bands playing SXSW that I find interesting.

Play List:

Black Owls - Mrs. Someday
Rev KM Williams & The Amazing - Tell The Truth
Rachel Goodrich - Little Brass Bear
Scram C Baby - King Bolo
Say Hi - Northwestern Girls
Ratas del Vaticano - Tema de las ratas
Pretty & Nice - Tora Tora Tora
Pre - Popping Showers
BO-PEEP - B-Level Motion
Ponytail - Sky Drool
Plouen Catximbes - La Blanca
Micachu - Golden Phone
Pato Fu - Nada Original
Peelander-Z - Ninja-High Schooool
Bad Sports - All The Time
Bam Bam - Por favor no vuelvas a nacer
Black Lips - O Katrina!