Various - pat radio March 25 9 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Play List:

Melty Melty - Same Situation
Brainbow - Hex Removal
TV Eye - Leave Behind Your Troubled Mind
The Main Street Gospel - Sweet Summer Rain
Bozniaks - Company Whore
Lydia Loveless - Jesus Was A Wino
Jordan O'Jordan - A Town's Reply to a Banjo
The Curiosities - Missy Madam
RTFO Bandwagon - If Your Heart Deceives You
Rtfo Bandwagon - Gold Miner
Dane Terry - Lies About Love
The Ladybug Transistor - Song For The Ending Day
Super Desserts - Ghost Song
Terribly Empty Pockets - Bend Over Backwards
You, You're Awesome - I'm Deaf And You're Boring
Ocean Ghosts - I Don't Read Your Blog
The Alwood Sisters - Get Up
The Mary Anns - BC
Guinea Worms - Box of Records
Bassholes - Change Had To Come
Little Darlings - Sturdy Wrist
Take No Damage - Heaven for Hellions
Shawen Acres - Run From The Day
Ghost Shirt - Steam Engine
Our Cat Philip - Awake Again
Civil War Generals - Two Rifles
Phantods - Lone Highway
Wartime Ladies - Zenobia
The Jelly Hearts - doctor of soul
The Yips - 1000% Fox
Scrawl - Let It All Hang Out Live At Staches 5-25-88
Via Audio - Developing Active People