Kenya in a Week

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This week’s show features a moving story from a local student about his capstone work with an orphanage in Kenya. The children and teens have lost parents due to AIDS. He came back with a changed view of the world and a greater appreciation of the basics of life—food, education, family, and home.

The Beat Oracle - 02/25/2010 (radio edit)

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SoHud Sound - SoHud Music Collective: Hebdo & Floorwalkers

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Pamoja FM February 24th 2010

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ft.Ethiopia's Eyob Mekonen - Neqchalew

Larry Kensington - Nightmix 02-26-10 Part One

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Jeri Southern was a very accomplished jazz singer who started out as a classical pianist and, after just a decade of recording jazz, left the business to teach and then became successful as a composer/arranger in Hollywood. Some of her best jazz sides frrom the mid- to late 1950s have been recently reissued, and we'll hear a few of them in this hour. Also featured is the maverick master of steel-string guitar, John Fahey.

Larry Kensington - Nightmix 02-26-10 Part Two

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He's usually called the "Father of the Symphony," but Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn didn't really invent the form. What he did do was give a new shape and depth to the symphony, turning it into a kind of repository for a composer's most important ideas. He began doing that in the very earliest of his 100-plus symphonies. Movements from three early Haydn symphonies figure prominently in this week's second hour. You'll also get to sample the jazz piano of Cincinnati native Fred Hersch, the sound of Native American flute, and a lullaby recorded outdoors in the Grand Canyon.

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The World Party - Show 35 (February 23, 2010)

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The World Party features energetic and eclectic dance and party music from all corners of the globe!

  • Show 35 originally aired on February 23, 2010.

  • Show 35 features various dance and party music from the USA, Germany, France, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Sweden, Turkey, and more! 

Goosebumps and Other Books for Homeless Teens

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"Green Chucks" talks with OSU English major Katherine Radford about the Star 2 book drive sponsored by Sigma Tao Delta, an English Honor Society. Star 2 is a homeless shelter for youth ages 14-24 in Columbus. The book drive was started to create a library to empower teens to read and pursue education. Also featured in this show are poetry readings from students at St. Francis DeSales High School.

Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman with Tom Over live on Conscious Voices 2-19-10

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They discuss the problems with nuclear power and the role activism plays with this and other issues.

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