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You can write the show at WCRSLoose (at) gmail (dot) com. If you make weirdo music that is not straight up noise and sounds like it belongs on this show, send stuff in. You can write for a physical address as well as I'm much more likely to play physical copies on the reg.


6.6.19 Loose with Max Caldwell

with DJ Max Caldwell of Primitive Pleasures playing a set of private press and outsider weirdness.

1:35:32 minutes (218.66 MB)

Simon Jones - Melanie And Me
Bobby Brown - Hawaii (Live)
Jim Woehrle & Micheal Yonkers - Storybook Kind Of Madness
Jon & Jodi - Come Down My Child
Stan Hubbs - Crystal

R Stevie Moore - Part Of The Problem
Dwight Sykes - In The Life Zone
Kenneth Higney - Night Rider
Dundas - Bloodshot In Your Eyes
The Strand - I Understand You

Lilly - Starin At The Wall
Holy Fuzz track with weird double bass drum
Circuit Rider - Old Time Feeling
Robert Lester Folsom - April Suzanne

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