• Thursday 11pm-Friday 12am
Exploring the global music underground.

You can write the show at WCRSLoose (at) gmail (dot) com. If you make weirdo music that is not straight up noise and sounds like it belongs on this show, send stuff in. You can write for a physical address as well as I'm much more likely to play physical copies on the reg.


Loose 5.23.19

Two and a half hours of various strains of electronic punk.

2:30:26 minutes (344.32 MB)

cyborg punks

FNU Clone Inc. - Start Up City Blues - Binary Or Die - Total Punk
Urochromes - Night Bully - Night Bully 7" - Wharf Cat
Contropotere - Diritto All'Inferno - Cyborg 100% CD - Self-Released
Pailhead - Anthem - Trait 12" - Wax Trax
L.O.T.I.O.N. - Hardware - World Wide W.E.B. - Toxic State
Kid606 - Two Fingers In The Air Anarchy Style - Down With The Scene - Ipecac Recordings
Hearts of Darknesses - In The Bay - Music For Drunk Driving - Schematic
CX Kidtronik - Montecore's Revenge - Krak Attack EP - Sound Ink
FNU Clone Inc. - Shake The Hand - Binary Or Die - Total Punk
Bureau De Change - Fish Bone Burgers - Global Village Idiots - D-Trash
Skitslickers - The Leader Of The Fuckin Assholes (Noize Punishment Remix) - The Riot Outburst - D-Trash
Brainbombs - It's A Burning Hell (Alec Empire Remix) - Cheap - Load
Ec8or - Gimme Nyquil All Night Long - Gimme Nyquil All Night Long 7" - Digital Hardcore
CX Kidtronik - F You - Krak Attack CD - Sound Ink
L.O.T.I.O.N. - I.C.B.M. - World Wide W.E.B. - Toxic State
Group Doueh & Cheveu - Bord De Mer - Dakhla Sahara Session - Born Bad
Hercklekot - Samoloty Kamikadze - Samoloty Kamikadze - D-Trash
Røsenkøpf - Heed - Røsenkøpf - Wierd

Society Suckers - Bash The Fash - Anti-Carnivore EP - kool.POP
Zen-Faschisten - TV (What You See Is What You Want) - Die Kunst Der Meditation - Finlayson
Juiceboxxx - Expressway To The Darkness - I Don't Wanna Go Into The Darkness - Thunderzone
ISS - Endless Drip - Endless Pussyfooting - State Laughter
Passenger of Shit - Bash My Intestines Up My Anus - Shit Is Harder Than Penis - System Corrupt
Scumputer - Fucking Shit - Dance 2 D-Beat - Less Than TV
The Toilet - All I Want For Christmas Is Shit - Bullshit Makes Flowers Grow - Cock Rock Disco
DJ Speedsick - Heart In The Gutter, Mind In The Sewer - N.Y.S.S. - Dead Gods
DJ Speedsick - No Euphoria (Russian Ghetto Version) - Nothing Lasts - BANK

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