• Wednesday 8-10pm
NIGHT PLANT plays 70s-80s soundscape, ambient, environmental & background sound

On air since early 2018, NIGHT PLANT RADIO is WCRS-LP FM's homegrown "background sounds" show. We play ambient, environmental, incidental, production, & spatial music from across decades & traditions: from the 1970s rise of acoustic ecology & environmental soundscape recording to 1980s elevator music to mallwave/mallsoft, weather channel music, & other ambient/environmental imaginaries of the 2010's. NIGHT PLANT mobilizes environmental, spatial, incidental, & background sounds -- often out of or against their context, but with fan & artist communities who dis/locate emplaced sounds in new listening contexts -- to ask big questions about the relationship of listening to place. Yes, we're playing the complete Commander Keen OST (1991-2009) right now. No, we're not very sorry. PS you won't be either.

Sometimes we make our own field recordings & play them. Malls, lakes, you know.

Hosted/produced/badly curated by Jess Lamar Reece Holler, who really is *that* into mallwave.

Reach out @nightplantradio!!!


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