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This is a local program created by volunteers at WCRS

9th Column

Progressive Music
on WCRS On The Air Tuesday 8-9pm and Saturday 8-9pm.

WCRSFM.org - 9th Column - D. Austin

56:54 minutes (130.24 MB)

Street Fight

Political comedy and rabble rousing from Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby
on WCRS On The Air Sunday 10-11pm.

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Our voice mail is 209-677-7469 and the email is StreetFightRadio@gmail.com

Street Fight

Blowing Clouds Of Fentanyl At Cops

1:27:02 minutes (119.51 MB)

Basement Show Yall..
// Christmas Bonus Blues // Old Ham // Lottery For Christmas Turkey // Everything Is Headed To The Ocean // Give You 20 Dollars To Give To Charity // No Nights Or Weekends // Blowing Clouds Of Fentanyl At Cops // Fentanyl Hysteria //

Song - Roaches - Maxo Kream

9/11 Building 7 - Martin Noakes






Our voice mail is 614-918-7455 and the email is StreetFightRadio@gmail.com

DJBC Happy Hour

Talk and Music
on WCRS On The Air Monday 8-9pm.

# 299 - The Long, Hot Summer Night '19

59:15 minutes (54.25 MB)

Tonight on the show, a score of June events are talked about tonight.

Columbus Arts Festival (June 7-9): http://www.columbusartsfestival.org
Columbus Community Pride: http://www.columbuscommunitypride.org
Pride: http://www.columbuspride.org

Danjir Radio

Somali News
on WCRS On The Air Saturday 3-4pm and Sunday 3-4pm.


Danjir radio is the new voice for the East African community in central Ohio . The name “Danjir” means looking after the community’s interest and that’s what the radio’s mission is. The locally produced Danjir radio programs are primarily focused on health education, nutrition, culture, entertainment and art. It also covers the latest local and international news information around the world.

 Danjir radio is the only African radio of its kind and part of the community awareness projects that Danjir Media Center provides. DMC is an independent local media service that has been serving the East African community in central Ohio since it was founded in 2004.

The radio programs air at 4:00pm every Saturday and Sunday

 For more info go to DanjirNews.org


Danjir Radio - Danjir radio Codka Bulshada Ohio

2:00:23 minutes (110.22 MB)

Your Music

Eclectic Music
on WCRS On The Air Monday 9-11pm.

Your Music is hosted by Evan Davis and airs on Mondays at 6:00 p.m.

Evan writes a blog for Your Music at http://yourmusicwcrs.blogspot.com/


Your Music Wes Montgomery

2:00:00 minutes (99.82 MB)

2-hour live-recorded concert from 1965 with Jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery

The Other Side of the News

Independent Talk
on WCRS On The Air Monday 4:30-5pm.

A weekly local talk show with Bob Fitrakis. Discussing politics, social issues, and local progressive events.


The Other Side of the News - The Other Side of The News; June 7, 2019 - Cabot O'Callaghan - author of "UNFU CKTHE WORLD"

The Free Press Network presents; The Other Side Of The News With Dr. Robert Fitrakis & Dan Dougan TODAY'S GUEST Cabot O'Callaghan Author of UNFU-CKTHE-WORLD Published by Winter Goose Publishing https://www.amazon.com/UNFU-CKTHE-WOR... Music: Prophets of Rage - Unfuck The World (Official Video) https://youtu.be/6ad4MH7fMLs

29:03 minutes (26.74 MB)

Conscious Voices

Independent Journalism
on WCRS On The Air Wednesday 4-5pm and Friday 4-5pm.

Hosted by Eugene Beer, Evan Davis, and Tom Over, the program aims to report on that which we think the mainstream media is overlooking, ignoring, or distorting.


Conscious Voices Local Dialogue on Venezuela

59:59 minutes (43.29 MB)

A recent talk in Columbus by professor of international human rights, Dan Kovalik on the situation in Venezuela was joined, informally, by a family of Venezuelan ex-patriots who support the U,S,-backed Venezuelan opposition. The talk begins as a straightforward presentation, but then devolves in to an unmoderated discussion that includes dissenting viewpoints, thus offering a good example of the differences between pro and anti-revolution perspectives.

Youth Beat Radio

Youth Talk
on WCRS On The Air Monday 7:30-8pm.

Welcome to Youth Beat! We are a show that features youth perspectives, leadership, and community action. Youth Beat Radio is sponsored by the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University and Ohio State University Extension. Shows are produced by Central Ohio youth.


Connections - June 17, 2019

This week's show is all about connections. Hear personal stories of connecting to nature and how Cleveland Metro Parks is bring nature to the people through its NatureTracks mobile bus. What is Social Lawn Art? We feature a special project by the OSU class Population, Place, and Environment and artist Jacklyn Brickman held recently on the OSU campus. Social Lawn Art (http//u.osu.edu/sociallawnart) is an innovative way to explore interrelationships between people, communities, and ecosystems through art. Finally we connect to the wonderful world of birds and what the OSU Ornithology club is doing to promote appreciation of the many birds in Central Ohio and beyond.

25:49 minutes (35.46 MB)
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