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The Saturday Show

Simply it's a Talk and News program that airs Saturday from 1 - 3 pm
is not currently scheduled.

Join De'Shawn Isaac as he looks deeper into everything and shows you what is really going on with a view on the stories of the week you won't here anywhere else.


WCRS Community Radio 102.1/98.3 FM WCRS-LP Columbus - The Show with De'Shawn Isaac - July 17, 2016

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Big Barking Dog

Alternative Music and Local Interviews
is not currently scheduled.

Alternative Music and Local Interviews by JP Marat Editor of BigBarkingDog.com


JP Marat - Muslim In America - Women of Noor Mosque

This is the first installation of a new radio series I'm producing for WCRS FM in Columbus, Ohio. It is entitled "Muslim in America." During this first show we meet three very intelligent, highly articulate Muslim women who are members of the Noor Mosque in Hillard. The soundtrack includes: "Al-Khaliq" from "I look I See" written by Rashid A. Zika and performed by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and the Islamic Children's Choir. Also included are "All of the Prophets" featuring Zain Bhikha, Yusuf Islam and the Islamic Children's Choir. The final track is one of my favorite Yusuf Islam songs namely "Heaven / Where True Love Goes."

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9th Column

Progressive Music
on WCRS On The Air Tuesday 8-9pm and Saturday 8-9pm.

Fuhror - 9th Column Show WCRSfm.org

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Street Fight

Political comedy and rabble rousing from Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby
on WCRS On The Air Sunday 9-11pm.

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Our voice mail is 209-677-7469 and the email is StreetFightRadio@gmail.com

Street Fight

Blowing Clouds Of Fentanyl At Cops

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Basement Show Yall..
// Christmas Bonus Blues // Old Ham // Lottery For Christmas Turkey // Everything Is Headed To The Ocean // Give You 20 Dollars To Give To Charity // No Nights Or Weekends // Blowing Clouds Of Fentanyl At Cops // Fentanyl Hysteria //

Song - Roaches - Maxo Kream

9/11 Building 7 - Martin Noakes






Our voice mail is 614-918-7455 and the email is StreetFightRadio@gmail.com

DJBC Happy Hour

Talk and Music
on WCRS On The Air Monday 8-9pm and Sunday 12-1pm.

# 401 - What Are YOU Doing To Beat Ohio State This Saturday?

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Tonight on the Show, it's back, THE Game is back, between the # 2 Ohio B*ckeyes (10-1, 8-0) and the # 5 Michigan Wolverines (10-1, 7-1) in Ann Arbor. BOTH the FOX Big Noon Kickoff and ESPN's College GameDay will be LIVE from Ann Arbor on Saturday. Could an upset take place? Maybe, but don't hold your breath. Ohio is an eight point favorite, coming off a 56-7 destruction of then # 7 Little Brother, ending the K-9 for Heisman Campaign. BOTH of the teams they lost to this season got blown out on Saturday (Oregon, who beat Ohio in Columbus on September 11, lost 38-7 to Utah on November 20).

With last year being the first time since 1917 that the Game did NOT take place, this marks the first time since 1903 that The Game is being held in Ann Arbor back-to-back meetings. A B*ckeye win would tie Michigan's 1901-09 streak for the most consecutive wins in Series history.

The winner of this game will win the Big Ten East, and represent the East in the Big Ten Championship in Indianapolis on December 4th.

Storylines for The Game:
- Harbaugh: "We're Playing for ALL the Marbles."
- Harbaugh: "The Playoffs have begun."
- McNamara: "This is why you come to Michigan."
- Can Ojabo & Hutchinson stop Stroud?
- Will Stroud put the pedal to the medal like he did with Michigan State, and last place Indiana, Maryland, & Rutgers?
- Can the Secondary stop the BIG THREE (Olave, Wilson, and Smith-Njigba)?
- Will Corum be able to play?
- Can Haskins shred the Silver Bullets (hey, it worked for Oregon, and helped Minnesota and Nebraska stay in the game against Ohio)?
- Can Michigan "Biakabutuka" the B*ckeyes?
- Will Day put up 100, like he promised in 2020?
- If Michigan gets blown out, does Harbaugh get fired?

Plus, it's Thanksgiving Week!
Stores CLOSED on Thanksgiving - https://www.10tv.com/article/news/nation-world/thanksgiving-2021-stores-...

Danjir Radio

Somali News
on WCRS On The Air Saturday 3-4pm and Sunday 3-4pm.


Danjir radio is the new voice for the East African community in central Ohio . The name “Danjir” means looking after the community’s interest and that’s what the radio’s mission is. The locally produced Danjir radio programs are primarily focused on health education, nutrition, culture, entertainment and art. It also covers the latest local and international news information around the world.

 Danjir radio is the only African radio of its kind and part of the community awareness projects that Danjir Media Center provides. DMC is an independent local media service that has been serving the East African community in central Ohio since it was founded in 2004.

The radio programs air at 4:00pm every Saturday and Sunday

 For more info go to DanjirNews.org


Danjir Radio - Danjir radio Codka Bulshada Ohio

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Your Music

Eclectic Music
on WCRS On The Air Monday 9-11pm.

Your Music is hosted by Evan Davis and airs on Mondays at 6:00 p.m.

Evan writes a blog for Your Music at http://yourmusicwcrs.blogspot.com/


Your Music 211123 Caldera

1:58:52 minutes (54.41 MB)

Caldera; an early flamenco-fusion band featuring Gorge Strunz prior to his collaborations with Farah

The Other Side of the News

Independent Talk
on WCRS On The Air Monday 4:30-5pm.

A weekly local talk show with Bob Fitrakis. Discussing politics, social issues, and local progressive events.


The Other Side of the News - 03-05-21 - Blue Rock Station and solar workshop

Guest host Tim Chavez interviews Jam Warmke of Blue Rock Station and promotes a solar installation workshop.

26:20 minutes (23.31 MB)

Guest host Tim Chavez interviews Jam Warmke of Blue Rock Station and promotes a solar installation workshop.

Conscious Voices

Independent Journalism
on WCRS On The Air Wednesday 4-5pm and Friday 4-5pm.

Hosted by Eugene Beer, Evan Davis, and Tom Over, the program aims to report on that which we think the mainstream media is overlooking, ignoring, or distorting.


Conscious Voices 211202 Honduras!

59:25 minutes (27.2 MB)

The US-backed right-wing Honduran regime that was supported and sanctioned by the Obama administration during Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State has been ousted in a landslide election, giving the presidency to a progressive female politician who ran on a platform of political, social, and economic reforms and a promise to crack down on corruption and the drug trade. But the new administration will stall face escalating challenges resulting from climate change.
2 reports, one from the independent radio program Making Contact , hosted by Monica Lopez, and another from Al Jazeera offer a deeper look.

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