Conscious Voices Paving the Pavey, and a tribute to MarShawn

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Columbus social justice activist MarShawn McCarrel ended his life, but his legacy continues. A brief tribute to a fallen comrad.
Developers have their sights set on a block of historic buildings in Old North, but residents in the area are organizing to stop them in their tracks.

Street Fight Radio - No allegiance to documents

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To clear up the confusion we are not in ISIS...until we have to be

the virginia cops try to bust Brett stealing trash, if that’s even possible

We like the environment and hate filling it full of micro beads

We are the only dads who don’t listen to prog rock

This weeks song was brought to you by @greatUndoing

Carly Simon - Anticipation

End Song

Ty Dolla $ign - Irie ft. Wiz Khalifa

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Conscious Voices

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This week we have a recent lecture from noted author and activist Arundhati Roy whose latest book, Capitalism, a Ghost Story details the crisis of capitalism in India and globally.

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