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# 336 - Networking 201: Job Searching In The Time of Coronavirus

58:55 minutes (53.95 MB)

Tonight on the Show, a Revival of the Networking 101 Series (2012-2015), as 15 percent of the Nation is unemployed (unless you count Freelancers, than it's closer to 25 %), and over 10 percent of Americans have filed for Unemployment.

- Resumes: One page or two?
- Explaining gaps
- Why you should start searching sooner, rather than later

- Confessions of a Hiring Manager (J.T. Kirk)
- How To Get A Job and Keep It (Susan Morem)
- The Unemployed College Graduate’s Survival Guide (Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder)
- The Encore Career Handbook (Marci Alboher)

# 163: Networking 101 Midterm Exam - The Best of Networking 101

1:00:15 minutes (55.16 MB)

Networking 107 - Job Interviews

56:55 minutes (52.11 MB)

Tonight on the show, Networking 107 talks about the Job Interview Process.

- How applying for a job has changed
- Online assessments, what are they?
- Things to know on the "Road of Job Interviews"
- Criminal Background Checks and "Ban the Box"
- George O'Leary Syndrome

Networking 104: A Bunch of Random Jobhunting Facts Thrown Together At the Last Minute

59:40 minutes (54.63 MB)

Tonight, on the show:
- Informational Interviews, what are they and what do they mean?
- Mobility, why is it important in a job search?
- Social Media, the two-way road
- "The Internship" and how does the plot relate to job searching

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