Conscious Voices Fracking Contamination

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eologist Julie Rice-Weatherington's presentation at a day-long conference on the consequences of Fracking at the Ohio statehouse.

Conscious Voices Nestle Water Scandal

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As we face a water shortage crisis globally, thanks to climate change, commercial meat production, Fracking, and water pollution there is a push to privatize the world's remaining fresh water supplies. The Swiss-owned company, Nestle, the world's foremost marketer of bottled water, has been in the forefront of this controversy, especially in light of recent statements by Nestle's CEO that water should not be considered a human right.

Conscious Voices West Virginia Water Crisis

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On or before January 9, 2014 Thousands of gallons of a largely un-0tested toxic fluid leaked in to the Elk River at Charleston, West Virginia, poisoning the water supply for 300,000 West Virginians

Conscious Voices 350.org program pt 1`

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350.org held a gala event in Columbus on Nov 27 to launch a new offensive against global warming and fossil fuel consumption. WCRS was invited to record the entire program for broadcast.

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