JP Marat and Big Barking Dog Present "Second Time's The Charm"

Reimagining (Covers) of Classic Alternative, R&B and Rock Tracks by SIA, Korn, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Pearl Jam, Gaelynn Lee, Brian Ferry, The Commitments, Dishalla, Pixies, No Motiv . . . and other bands all the cool kids know . . .

1:00:01 minutes (82.42 MB)

JP Marat presents Billie Eilish HIT ME HARD HIT ME SOFT (released May 17, 2024)

The latest album from Billie Eilish released on May 17, 2024. Songs in album order. No commercials. Limited Commentary. Also three versions of the iconic Songcloud hit "Ocean Eyes" (Original, Live, Blackbear Remix) You're Welcome.

58:49 minutes (80.79 MB)

JP Marat and Big Barking Dog present "Sugarman" Sixto Rodriquez

"Sugarman" Sixto Rodriquez, is one of America's best, "unknown" singer/songwriters. Despite producing two excellent studio albums in the early 1970's, commercial success alluded him. He found a regular job, bought a modest home and spent his life in a working class neighborhood in Detriot. Many years later, much to his surprise, his daughter discovered he had a FANatrical following in South Africa, Australia and several other nations around the world. Like many musicians, he did not receive the financial reward he had earned, however he did embark upon several world tours to connect with his enthusiastic worldwide fanbase. I showcase his music today along with other 1970's Rock greats Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. Also in included is another "greatly overlooked" artist from 1970's, the incomparable Nick Drake. Thanks to WCRS for allowing local Columbus Ohio producers to create unique and high quality radio shows not available on conventional FM Clear Channel Radio.

59:39 minutes (81.91 MB)

JP Marat and Big Barking Dog Present Mockingbird

MOCKINGBIRD (Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flatter): Mockingbird, Love Song, Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, We Can Work It Out, Teen Spirit, Safe & Sound, Old Man, Life on Mars, Twice

59:55 minutes (82.28 MB)

JP Marat and Big Barking Dog present Unprecedented Presidents

Prospective 2024 American Presidential Contendors Pulled from Classic Rock, Alternative, Punk Rock, Post Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Soul and R&B Genres. What have we got to lose ? There is nothing to win with Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

59:44 minutes (82.05 MB)

JP Marat and Big Barking Dog present STAN's BEST DAY

EMINEM - Stan, DIDO - Thank You, MADONNA - Nothing Matters and The Power of Good-Bye, MOWGLI’S - San Francisco, MATT AND KIM - Good ol’ Fashion Love Song, MS MR - Hurricane, MIIKE SNOW - My Trigger, MICHAEL ANDREWS AND GARY JULES - Mad World, PAPA WEBMA - Yolele, PATTi SMITH - Gimmie Shelter, HOZIER - Take Me To Church, PAVEMENT - The Killing Moon, THE MOODY BLUES - Go Now !

59:59 minutes (82.39 MB)

JP Marat and Big Barking Dog Present UNORIGINAL SIN v2

UNORIGINAL SIN: Marilyn Manson, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Jack White, Jimmy Hendrix, Joy Division, New Order, Sky Saxon (of the Seeds), Nick Drake, Nick Cave.

59:55 minutes (82.28 MB)

JP Marat and Big Barking Dog present: Vaughn Williams "Christmas Chorals Fantasia" by Guildfield Choral Society

Vaughn Williams presents "Hodie" also known as "Fantasia on Christmas." Choral and Orchestra.

59:53 minutes (82.25 MB)

JP Marat & Big Barking Dog present Songs for the Slaughtered

In memory of all those assaulted, violated, tortured, kidnapped and murdered on Oct 7th by the misogynistic/homophobic/anti-democratic/fascist-theocratic organization known as Hamas: Matishyahu, Bob Dylan, Mosura, Israeli Sphinx, Debbie Friedman, Jewish Children’s Choir, Judith Clurman/Debbie Friedman, Jewish Sacred Choir Music.

59:21 minutes (81.5 MB)
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