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Today is #GivingTuesday, an online day of giving. Consider a donation to WCRS today. Community Radio does have expenses, from marketing to Tower/Antenna Maintenance, and even licensing fees. No amount is too big or too small.

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Pussy Riots’ Revolution Jam Called Riot Days

Pussy Riot Review :

Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98.3
7 pm Wednesday
columbus community

Pussy Riot performed from the stage at the A+R Bar Sunday after making an announcement
‘Pussy Riots isn’t a punk band. Pussy Riot is a protest performance.’

This didn’t deter a woman wearing a Bikini Kill shirt standing next to me from proclaiming “Pussy Riot is the most Punk Rock thing I’ve ever watched.’

Pussy Riot were performing Riot Days a musical piece which is a book, and movie written by Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina about her stint in Russian prisons for opposing Vladimir Putin.

In 2012, Pussy Riot performed their song, “Punk Prayer” in an Orthodox Russian Church.
“Punk Prayer” isn’t sacrilegious with a King Diamond intent.
“Punk Prayer” invites Catholic women into opposition of Vladimir Putin.

Pussy Riot’s singer was sent into Siberia after approaching Judy Chicago’s conversation about female divinity while opposing Putin.

At first, you might question why would Putin respond if some band didn’t like him?
250 people in Columbus, Ohio were at Sunday’s show.
I saw a woman wearing a La Tigre shirt.
Even with a Diplo remix. I would assume Putin wouldn’t worry about the Riot Grrl movement finding a dislike for Putin.

Prior to Riot Days’ performance, Riot Day’s director took the stage.

Riot Days’ director said Putin’s disdain for Pussy Riot started with Pussy Riot spray painting a penis on a bridge which was outside of the KGB in Russia.
I realized why Pussy Riot irritated Putin.

Russia’s Orthodox Church invited Pussy Riot for a performance from women who insulted Putin with vandalism.

We are back on the air on 98.3

Thanks to everyone who donated to our GoFundMe, we are now back on the air on both 98.3 and 92.7FM.

We are now broadcasting on 98.3FM from a tower located near 71 and Hudson St with a directional antenna pointing west. So you should be able to hear us best on the North Side and especially the campus area.

Shout out to the Ohio Link Network who helped us with the antenna installation.

WCRS temporarily going off the air on 98.3

On the weekend of March 10th 98.3 FM will be temporarily going off the air as we work on moving our translator to a new location. We could be off the air for a few months but will stay broadcasting on 92.7 & streaming here at

Please donate if you haven't already to our gofundme to help us cover the engineering and equipment costs associated with the move. Much appreciation to all of those of you who have donated already. As of 2/8/23 we have raised 2.7K out of the 10K we aim to raise.

Help WCRS Move Our Tower & Keep 98.3 On Air!

WCRS-LP FM -- Columbus's community-powered radio station! -- needs to move our 98.3 transmitter tower in order to keep our 98.3 signal on the air ... so we can keep providing people-powered radio to communities in downtown, West, South, & parts of East Columbus! For the last decade+, we've been bringing you all of the weird, eclectic goodness of people-powered local radio programming: from talk to music to reportage to everything in between. Please help keep us on the air, & preserve our coverage across most of the greater Columbus area!

Visit the GoFundMe page to donate.

JAMES GANG VETS-AID CONCERT REVIEW’s-columbus-ohio-vetsaid-concert

Wednesdays ANONROCKNROLL 7pm

photo credit Ron Valle

Noam Chomsky's DSA Statement Opposing the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Noam Chomsky spoke with the DSA regarding his support of Russians who oppose the invasion of Ukraine.

Bus Stile Adventures - Diplomatic Cahiers

Bus Stile Adventures

Diplomatic Cahiers


Wes “ANON” Flexner

I don’t know if it’s supply and demand. I don’t know if it’s Covid.
I don’t know if Trump, and his friends are waging economic sanctions within our country for criticizing the January 6th attack. I don’t know if someone wants to punish Chairman of the Budget Committee Bernie Sanders for tweeting criticism of wealthy companies by name. I don’t know if this correlates with the raised wages at places like Kroger, and Walmart.

I don’t know if this correlates with the fact Russia invaded Ukraine. Our country is supplying Ukraine with weapons which appears there is some sort of conflict between our country and Russia.

I don’t know if Republican Governor Abbot blocking agriculture shipping which cost our country $240 million dollars had something do with with it.

Texas governor reversed this costly block which Texas Agriculture’s Commission called "Political Theater."

I can’t call myself Rosie The Riveter if the guy sanctioning The United States of America's economy is the governor of Texas.

I pay 62 dollars for a monthly COTA pass. While I’ve looked at BP’s gas drop price from over 4 dollars to 3.65.
I don’t eat that economic sanctions from Russia, Trump or the Q-Anon shamen.

My Bus pass costs 62 dollars a month.

If I am out later than 10....

I Lyft, Uber or Dublin Taxi home.

My new Litterature Engagee is Bus Stile Adventures. I finally recovered from Resistance writing to admit my graffiti name is ANON….if you haven’t known me for 20 years…or aren’t involved with graffiti history.

Recently, I walked outside my house. I wanted to purchase Aspirin. It was over $5 dollars at a corporate owned store.

I looked at my phone ...Whole Foods aspirin was under three dollars. I took the number 1 to the 33 and purchased aspirin.

I was in a good mood. It was Easter.

Transmitter Fundraiser Success

A quick update:
Thanks to everyone who helped WCRS in our time of we need. We are now back on the air on 98.3 FM with a new transmitter that will be able to bring community radio to the airwaves of Central Ohio for many years into the future. It wouldn't have been possible without the generous outpouring of support from you our listeners.

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