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RJD2 Interview w BSA Hip Hop's Wes Flexner

BSA Hip Hop
7pm Thursday

Wes Flexner - Who is RJD2’s favorite Star Wars Character? In the other Playboy issue you are in, the cover is Star Wars, Al-Qaeda and sexy aliens. RJD2’s 1976 in a Playboy playlist with Cocktails. Who is your favorite Star Wars Character?

RJD2 - Favorite Star Wars character. It would probably be Bubba Fet.

WF - The Bounty Hunter

RJ - I always thought he was cool. He was mysterious. Not knowing what he looked like. The helmet was cool. As a kid I found that more intriguing than character profile of anyone else.

WF- He knew Billy Dee Williams.

RJ - They’re all cool. Billy Dee Williams is cool. Luke Skywalker was cool. Han Solo. If I had to pick a person and you saw their face, it would probably be Harrison Ford. He had an irreverence and smartassedness appeal to me.

Sinkane - WE Belong + Black Violin ....

Sinkane’s new album is called We Belong, released by City Slang records.

Where you’re from, and where you belong are fundamental ideas of existence. For a reader, so is deciding if Sinkane is in their realm of music. Where does Sinkane We Belong in music?

Sinkane previously released music from LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy label DFA. Is Sinkane a dance hipster with alternative rock radio possibilities? Sinkane’s latest, We Belong falls under wherever his Okay Africa culture could take someone in American music.

I’ve found amusement that North American College Community radio, or, considers Sinkane college R&B. Consider the Weeknd, Sinkane’s friend Solange, sister Beyonce and Erykah Badu’s influence on music over a mass of music over a sustained period.

College R&B is a genre with interesting possibilities. Kids starting bands in school, and then releasing underground DIY R&B records like punk bands until labels sign them?

Bilal is featured from We Belong’s second song “Another Day” trading verses with Stout and harmonizing with Sinkane about black peoples’ past 400 years.

Bilal’s worked with Dr. Dre. Bilal was in the Soulquarians with D’Angelo, Questlove, Dilla, Badu, Roy Hargrove, James Poyser, Common, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, and Mos Def. Perhaps NACC’s College R&B is a product of the intent of 1996-2002’s the Soulquarians.

“Another Day” exemplifies the difference of We Belong from previous Sinkane efforts. Sinkane now exists as a R&B producer playing arrangements while singing with other vocalists. We Belong sounds like Sinkane is leading a contemporary Earth, Wind and Fire or some other 1970’s R&B group. Sinkane doesn’t sound retro.

The Solar Eclipse Is Coming

The Solar Eclipse is taking place on Monday April 8, 2024. It will be the first eclipse over Ohio since 1806. The Eclipse will take place through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire, plus tiny parts of Kentucky, Michigan, and Maine between 1PM EDT and 4:30PM EDT. Cities on the Eclipse Path include Dallas, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Buffalo, and the Columbus area.

**THIS WILL BE EDITED CONSTANTLY until April 7, 2024 as more Viewing Events are confirmed.**


Events Include (ALL are April 8, 2024 unless noted):
COSI & Land-Grant at Land-Grant Brewing Company (424 W. Town St., Franklinton)
Columbus Metropolitan Library (96 S. Grant Ave., Discovery District)
Columbus Recreation and Parks at Woodward Park (5147 Karl Road, Northland)

COTA compiled a list of suggested viewing areas along COTA Bus Lines:

Total Eclipse Of The Park at Jeffrey Mansion & Park (165 North Parkview Avenue)

First Friday - "The Space to Be" (April 5 in Downtown Delaware)
Darkness Over Delaware (April 6-8) at Delaware County Fairgrounds

Viewing Parties at Coffman Park (5200 Emerald Parkway) & Riverside Crossing Park (6635 Riverside Drive)

Viewing Party at Wyman Woods Park (1520 Goodale Boulevard)

Viewing Party at Kidspace (630 Wirt Road)

Viewing Party at Hilliard Station Park (4021 Main Street)

Viewing Party at Bevelhymer Park (7860 Bevelhymer Road)

Solar-Bration at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (4850 W. Powell Rd.)

Viewing Party at Civic Park (6897 Daugherty Drive)

Viewing Party at Freedom Park (890 State Route 61)

Viewing Party at Hoff Woods Park (556 McCorkle Boulevard)



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Wednesdays 7pm anonrocknroll
Thurs 7pm Burners Steel Attention
Sexy Saturdaze 11pm

Daymon Dodson's Aunt....

Angela P. Dodson's Key Moments In the Woman's Voting Movement:

Paul Robeson 1958 KPFA Interview

Pacifica's KPFA interviewed Paul Robeson in 1958 about democratic socialism, labor, reconstruction and other subjects.

I played KPFA's Paul Robeson interview from Wes Flexner's Rock N Roll Show 7pm, Wednesdays.

Giving Tuesday - Donate to WCRS

Today is #GivingTuesday, an online day of giving. Consider a donation to WCRS today. Community Radio does have expenses, from marketing to Tower/Antenna Maintenance, and even licensing fees. No amount is too big or too small.

For more on donating, go to

Pussy Riots’ Revolution Jam Called Riot Days

Pussy Riot Review :

Wes Flexner
92.7 / 98.3
7 pm Wednesday
columbus community

Pussy Riot performed from the stage at the A+R Bar Sunday after making an announcement
‘Pussy Riots isn’t a punk band. Pussy Riot is a protest performance.’

This didn’t deter a woman wearing a Bikini Kill shirt standing next to me from proclaiming “Pussy Riot is the most Punk Rock thing I’ve ever watched.’

Pussy Riot were performing Riot Days a musical piece which is a book, and movie written by Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina about her stint in Russian prisons for opposing Vladimir Putin.

In 2012, Pussy Riot performed their song, “Punk Prayer” in an Orthodox Russian Church.
“Punk Prayer” isn’t sacrilegious with a King Diamond intent.
“Punk Prayer” invites Catholic women into opposition of Vladimir Putin.

Pussy Riot’s singer was sent into Siberia after approaching Judy Chicago’s conversation about female divinity while opposing Putin.

At first, you might question why would Putin respond if some band didn’t like him?
250 people in Columbus, Ohio were at Sunday’s show.
I saw a woman wearing a La Tigre shirt.
Even with a Diplo remix. I would assume Putin wouldn’t worry about the Riot Grrl movement finding a dislike for Putin.

Prior to Riot Days’ performance, Riot Day’s director took the stage.

Riot Days’ director said Putin’s disdain for Pussy Riot started with Pussy Riot spray painting a penis on a bridge which was outside of the KGB in Russia.
I realized why Pussy Riot irritated Putin.

Russia’s Orthodox Church invited Pussy Riot for a performance from women who insulted Putin with vandalism.

We are back on the air on 98.3

Thanks to everyone who donated to our GoFundMe, we are now back on the air on both 98.3 and 92.7FM.

We are now broadcasting on 98.3FM from a tower located near 71 and Hudson St with a directional antenna pointing west. So you should be able to hear us best on the North Side and especially the campus area.

Shout out to the Ohio Link Network who helped us with the antenna installation.

WCRS temporarily going off the air on 98.3

On the weekend of March 10th 98.3 FM will be temporarily going off the air as we work on moving our translator to a new location. We could be off the air for a few months but will stay broadcasting on 92.7 & streaming here at

Please donate if you haven't already to our gofundme to help us cover the engineering and equipment costs associated with the move. Much appreciation to all of those of you who have donated already. As of 2/8/23 we have raised 2.7K out of the 10K we aim to raise.

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