Downtown Voices - July 23, 2018

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Witches Brew- Episode 7


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Columbus Desi Radio - Episode 25

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Witches Brew- Episode 6


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Track List
1. Althea and Donna- Make A Truce
2. Barbara Jones- Slim Boy
3. Phyllis Dillon- Perfidia
4. Myrna Hague- What About Me
5. Hortense Ellis- Baby Come On
6. Susan Cadogan- Rich Girl
7. Cynthia Richards- I Can't Wait
8. Judy Mowatt- Sisters Chant
9. Jerry Jones- Compared to What
10. Joya Landis- Moonlight Lover
11. Sister Nancy- One Two
12. Jennifer Lara- Consider Me
13. The Gaylettes- Silent River Runs Deep
14. TT Rose- When I Was a Little Girl
15. Yvonne Harrison- Near To You
16. Marcia Griffiths- Green Grasshopper
17. Millie Small- My Love and I

Icy J - Prorgressive Grind (ECCLECTIC) Remaster

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Street Fight Radio - Taking Calls With Grove City Erika

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We had Grove City Erikah in the studio to take calls

// Good Going Away Numbers // Futzing Around On The Internet // 3 Vacations To Myrtle Beach // Take Off That // Disrespectful Shirt // Ready To Be Old // England Is Myrtle Beach // Nobody Complains They Get Away // Being Loud In Your New Place // Citalopram And Kratom // Another Meeting For Being Stupid // Gentrification Bike Paths // Liberation Songs Of ICE // Google Voice // Bootlicker Drug Dealers // $65 A Day To Be My Friend // Weed Stores Are Hip // Good Working Monkey Wrencher //

Closing Song - Maxo Kream - 5200

9/11 Building 7 - Martin Noakes - 9th Column - D. Austin

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The World Outside Our Window - July 16, 2018

On this week's episode of Youthbeat Radio, we'll meet two teens using an internship to unite a community effected by gun violence, middle school and high school students working with Case Western University to study ecosystems in northern Ohio, and a family discussing the importance of getting outdoors at the Miami Valley No Child Left Inside Conference. We'll also take a look at Ohio's forests, the history behind them, and a popular bird that resides in them.

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Street fight Radio - The Cost Of Being Alive

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This is the basement throwdown

// Living Life On Tips // History of Arrests // Burger King Update // Papa John Racism // The Uline’s Are Taking Over // Voicemails // //

Closing Song - The Heartbreakers - Born To Lose

9/11 Building 7 - Martin Noakes


Our voice mail is 614-918-7455 and the email is

JP Marat - Five Leaves Left by Nick Drake

This afternoon we explore a forgotten folk masterpiece from 1969.

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