Downtown Voices - February 19, 2018

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This week, Youth Beat heads into the heart of Columbus to learn more about what all goes on between the skyscrapers. Positively Charged features youth from the Academy of Urban Scholars and Juvenile Justice Coalition who are working to stop community violence in Columbus and planning a memorial in honor of the young people lost to violence. We also meet a local artist who uses his incredible talent as a platform to inspire others and Ohio State student who finds environmental opportunities, even in the city. No matter how long you've lived in Columbus, there's still more to learn: so stay tuned!

The Other Side of the News Feb1618-Daca, ECOT and Florida shooting

Bob and Dan discuss national news

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Bob and Dan discuss national news

Street Fight Radio - 2 16 2018

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Bus Bass Show Vol 121

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Yes Yes!! Another Junglednb rinseout from the one like Hawstyle :)

Future Sabotage - Episode 2

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Global News & Views w/ Mayo Makinde - Interview w/ Danny Glover

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Columbus Desi Radio - Episode 5

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Promo - Columbus Celebrates Its Boxing Legends - Barack Recreation Center - Feb 17, 2018

Come to Barack Recreation Center (580 East Woodrow Ave / off Parson's Avenue) on February 17, 2018 from 5pm to 8pm to meet/greet legendary Boxing Champions and also to watch 12 rounds of Boxing (all ages, girls/boys, women/men). Tickets are $10 adults / $5 kids. Proceeds go to supporting Barrack Recreation Center Boxing Room and Travel Team.

11:15 minutes (15.45 MB) - 9th Column - D. Austin

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