Morning Meditation

Things can feel out of control right now, but really, everything is happening for you. Shifting how you see things can help you to find it faster and find an alternative road that is far less crowded! Let's face it, anger and fear are really easy emotions to have, and they yield low results. Today, I encourage you to reach a little higher.

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Turn It Up 2020-04-26 (Extended Time)

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Turn It Up 2020-04-26

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Turn It Up 2020-04-25

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Conscious Voices 042320 Klandemic

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As the quarantine continues in states with administrations that care, people who don't care, but say they do demonstrate at state government offices mixing alleged concern for "rights" with a toxic mix of racism, antisemitism, and anti-science ideologies.
3 reports cover the racism angle of the CoviD19 pandemic; one from Al Jazeera addressing racism toward Asian folks in America, one from China Global Television Network examining vulnerability of populations in Africa's urban centers , and one from Roland Martin discussing white supremacists plans to use Covid19 as a terrorist weapon.

# 334 - The Earth Day Wind & Fire Happy Hour

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Tonight on the show, a FULL hour of Earth, Wind & Fire classics (plus that one song that Philip Bailey paired up with Phil Collins, or 1/3 of Genesis + one fraction of Earth, Wind & Fire). Earth, Wind & Fire is a true American band, crossing genres in its five decade history, founded in Chicago by the late Maurice White in 1969. The band had its breakthrough year in 1975 with hits like "Shining Star", "Can't Hide Love", and "That's The Way of the World" (the latter song was also the name of an other than forgettable film co-starring the band and featuring their music, starring Harvey Keitel). The group is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the NAACP Image Award Hall of Fame, and on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2019, in honor of the group's 50th Anniversary, the band was rewarded with the Kennedy Center Honor, one of the highest and most prestigious honors in the entertainment business. The group has infused African, Latin, Caribbean, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Disco, and Afro Pop through the years and through the hits.

Yesterday's Top Secrets - YTS-66 (original air date 5/15/09)

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Yesterday's Top Secrets - YTS-67 (original air date 5/21/09)

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Yesterday's Top Secrets - YTS-68 (original air date 5/22/09)

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Yesterday's Top Secrets - YTS-69 (original air date 5/28/09)

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