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Concious Voices Pacifica election special

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Pacifica Radio's national election special on the eve of Ohio's primary, with guests Will Petrik, Evan Davis and Kwazi N'Kruma

Conscious Voices Mary Jo Kilroy on threats to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security

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Former congressional representative and social justice activist Mary Jo Kilroy interviewed on the eve of the Our Revolution-organized rally to save Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, and a look at Republican plans to divest our National Forests to the States for exploitation by extractive industries

Conscious Voices More on Venezuela ( and a media critique)

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3 presentations on Venezuela showing both broader analysis than you typically find in the American media, and a response from NPR to my letter critiquing its reporting, which, according to NPR itself, many feel has been one-sided, favoring the opposition.

Conscious Voices 101019 Border Wall Destruction, Border4 Stories and Gun Control

59:59 minutes (46.88 MB)

re-broadcast of my interview with Laikan Jordhal from the Center Foir Biological Diversity on the environmental and social impacts of border wall construction, another installment of David Adelson's Border Stories, and a short segment on gun control in the aftermath of the latest mass shooting.

CV O81320 HB 6 Burning Down The Householder

1:00:00 minutes (43.38 MB)

Interview with the Ohio Environmental Council's Trish Demeter on the efforts to repeal HB6, a bill railroaded through the Ohio legislature by (now former) House speaker Larryn Householder which guaranteed tax-payer subsidies for Nuclear and Coal power plants and which gutted the state's already diminished energy conservation standards and renewable energy targets.
Householder has been indicted and charged with racketeering in relation to a bribery scheme wherein fossil fuel energy produces (presumed to be, primarily, First Energy) gave Millions to Householder and his campaign fund in apparent exchange for his advocacy of HB6.

CV 091820 We Need A Fire In America Rev. William Barber

59:58 minutes (82.34 MB)

an archived speech by Rev William Barber about the state of democracy in America

Concious Voices 210805 Richard Trumka

59:57 minutes (27.44 MB)

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka died unexpectedly this week of an apparent heart attack at the age of 72. In this edition we have 2 speeches by Trumka and an interview in which he addresses racism, police accountability, and a variety of critical issues that affect working Americans.

CV 20221103 WION Climate change conference

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Audio from a conference on climate change held by the Indian english language media outlet World Is One Network ( WION)