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CV 210624 Moral March on Manchin and McConnel

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Rev William Barber of the Poor People's Campaign, and Rev. Jesse Jackson march on Washington to pressure senators Manchin and Sinema to pass the For The People voting rights act, and to eliminate the filibuster rule in the Senate.
Sinema argues that the filibuster prevents a "tyrany of the minority" situation, yet that is what we have right now, as minority leader McConnel has vowed to block any and every proposal by the Biden administration.
Sinema says that, if there is no filibuster, Republicans will use their next majority ( if there is one) to undo every accomplishment of the Biden administration. They undoubtedly would, but the point is that they would, anyway. Getting rid of the filibuster NOW could allow Democrats to pass a raft of bills that could transform our political culture, ushering in a new era of justice and equality and environmental protection.
Sinema and Manchin can either stand in the gap, or stand in the way.