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the ralph tiliis show - episode 2

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Berbers from America - Episode 2

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Future Sabotage - Episode 2

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Witches Brew - Episode 2


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Track List
1. Ms. Tyree "Sugar" Jones- If You Feel It
2. Helene Smith- A Woman Will Do Wrong
3. Cherry Blend- Love Is Gone
4. Love Apple- There's No Answer Without You
5. Majestic Arrows- I'll Never Cry for Another Boy
6. The Tonettes- Teardrop Sea
7. Krystal Generation- Satisfied
8. Eula Cooper- Shake Daddy Shake
9. Velma Perkins- Yes, My Goodness Yes
10. Mae Young- The Man Puts Sugar in My Soul
11. The Du-Ettes- If You Need Me
12. Jackie Shane- Comin' Down
13. Gloria Ann Taylor- Love Is a Hurtin' Thing
14. Darling Dears- I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another
15. Betty Harris- I'm Gonna Git Ya
16. Josephine Taylor- I've Made Up My Mind
17. Penny & The Quarters- You and Me