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Witches Brew- Episode 23

Jan 2021 Releases

59:58 minutes (109.8 MB)

Track List
1. Conny Frischauf- Parapiri
2. Surgeons Girl- Clouded Temper| Small Steps
3. Rachel Palmer- Dissimilar Materials
4. Chicaloyoh- Psychophonie pour les oiseaux disparus
5. Lila Tristam- Anymore
6. Denise Johnson- Steal Me Easy
7. Margo Guryan- Love Songs
8. Henrietta Smith-Rolla- A Song for Him
9. Josie Cotton- He Could Be the One
10. PJ Harvey- No Girl So Sweet
11. Speed Stick + Kelley Deal- Knots
12. Goat Girl- Sad Cowboy (Edit)
13. Bona Fide- Envy
14. Joana Guerra- Rajada
15. Nailah Hunter- Talisman
16. Midnight Sister- Foxes
17. Star Feminine Band- Iseo