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pat radio - June 2, 2011

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The Black Swans are releasing Don't Blame the Stars tomorrow night at the Rumba Cafe. There's also a two-night benefit for Joe Peppercorn at the Treehouse tomorrow and Saturday. Please stop in, make a donation, and stay for some awesome rock'n'roll music. Also, Ampline, from Cincinnati, are playing tonight at the Treehouse with The Garrison and Dead Indians. Finally, Organ Grinder Productions are throwing a Sadie Hawkins Dance at 400 Rich to usher the Dewdropper's EP into the world. That's happening on Saturday night. It's June. It's summer. Bring it.

Play List:
In Silent Movies - "Smokescreen" from They Had Faces Then
Alert New London - "Silverdrive"
The Garrison - "Mind the Gap"
Ampline - "Passengers In Sleeping Trains" from You Will Be Buried Here
Moviola - "Disaster"
Alwood Sisters - "Water" from Black Falcon & the Forest Spirit
The Black Swans - "Blue Bayou" from Don't Blame the Stars
Strangers In Daylight - "Technical Blond" Strangers In Daylight
The Kyle Sowashes - "1997" from The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald 7"
Ghost Shirt - "Civil War" from Daniel
Two Cow Garage - "What Dying Is For" Sweet Saint Me
New City Gypsy - "Tugboat" from The Night Never Sleeps
The Receiver - "Goliath" from Decades
SHIN TOWER MUSIC - "Pink & Blue" from Mental Gold
The Dewdroppers - "Rosaline" from Comfest 2010 Demo