WCRS Podcast - Bus Bass Show

Bus Bass Show Vol 171

58:57 minutes (67.46 MB)

Hawstyle with another JDNB mix for the homies, luv u all!

Bus Bass Show Vol 170

58:20 minutes (66.77 MB)

Dubstep mix from Hawstyle, mostly wax!!! :) In dedication to Columbus own DR X, RIP.

Bus Bass Show Vol 169

58:23 minutes (66.82 MB)

Some Coco for your xmas eve :) you guessed it, all coco bryce and crew mix. All tunes from the man like Coco Bryce, Tim Reaper, Kid Lib and more... all tracks from MYOR Massiv, FRESH 86, Ill Behavior, and more

Bus Bass Show Vol 168

58:59 minutes (67.5 MB)

Hawstyle in the mix with some more Jungle DnB music.

Bus Bass Show Vol 167

58:57 minutes (67.47 MB)

Hawstyle with sum more jdnb luv

Bus Bass Show Vol 166

59:05 minutes (67.63 MB)

Hawstyle comin atcha with another jungle/dnb rinseout.

Bus Bass Show Vol 165

58:15 minutes (66.67 MB)

PHOS Breakz mixtape takeover.

Bus Bass Show Vol 164

58:25 minutes (66.85 MB)

another jungle dnb rinseout from dj Hawstyle

Bus Bass Show Vol 163

57:58 minutes (66.34 MB)

Hawstyle on the 1s and 2s enjoy!

Bus Bass Show Vol 162

58:53 minutes (67.39 MB)

PHOS BREAKZ with another breakbeat mixtape takeover

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