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pat radio - June 30, 2011 broadcast

56:38 minutes (77.65 MB)

Times New Viking roll back into town tomorrow night at the Wexner Center, along with Psandwich, Mike Rep and Tommy Jay. Spd Gvnr is at the Treehouse on Saturday. Rumtum, Shin Tower Music and Alleyes Path are at Carabar on Saturday as well. Plus I sample some of that awesome new lp by the Lindsay and the cassette release from Day Creep (Aaron Troyer of Day Creeper)

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Play List:
Times New Viking - "Ways to Go" from Dancer Equired
Times New Viking - "Want to Exist" from Dancer Equired
The Lindsay - "Power Auger" from Deep in the Queue
Day Creep - "Youth Shadow" from Underneath the Mess
Day Creep - "Acid Rain" from Underneath the Mess
Static Vessels - "Amoeba" from The Lovely Morning
Hebdo - "Come For Me" from prosciutto
Eric Nassau - "Borderline" from What's Left of Empty Space
Spd Gvnr - "Grant Park Compact" from 7"
Whoa Nellie! - "Everybody's Happy Now" from Showed Up Anyway
Mors Ontologica - "All the Kingsmen" from Hot Mess
Rumtum - "Red Room" from Soundcloud
SHIN TOWER MUSIC - "Everything At Once" from Mental Gold
alleyes path - "Merry Go Round" (featuring Illogic) single
Psandwich - "Sketchnya" live at Ruby Tuesday

pat radio - June 23, 2011

59:57 minutes (82.2 MB)

Summer time. And the livin' is easy. Happy Comfest eve, people! :-)

pat radio - June 2, 2011

58:02 minutes (79.56 MB)

The Black Swans are releasing Don't Blame the Stars tomorrow night at the Rumba Cafe. There's also a two-night benefit for Joe Peppercorn at the Treehouse tomorrow and Saturday. Please stop in, make a donation, and stay for some awesome rock'n'roll music. Also, Ampline, from Cincinnati, are playing tonight at the Treehouse with The Garrison and Dead Indians. Finally, Organ Grinder Productions are throwing a Sadie Hawkins Dance at 400 Rich to usher the Dewdropper's EP into the world. That's happening on Saturday night. It's June. It's summer. Bring it.

Play List:
In Silent Movies - "Smokescreen" from They Had Faces Then
Alert New London - "Silverdrive"
The Garrison - "Mind the Gap"
Ampline - "Passengers In Sleeping Trains" from You Will Be Buried Here
Moviola - "Disaster"
Alwood Sisters - "Water" from Black Falcon & the Forest Spirit
The Black Swans - "Blue Bayou" from Don't Blame the Stars
Strangers In Daylight - "Technical Blond" Strangers In Daylight
The Kyle Sowashes - "1997" from The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald 7"
Ghost Shirt - "Civil War" from Daniel
Two Cow Garage - "What Dying Is For" Sweet Saint Me
New City Gypsy - "Tugboat" from The Night Never Sleeps
The Receiver - "Goliath" from Decades
SHIN TOWER MUSIC - "Pink & Blue" from Mental Gold
The Dewdroppers - "Rosaline" from Comfest 2010 Demo

pat radio - May 26, 2011

59:56 minutes (82.16 MB)

Don Bovee is celebrating his 69th birthday at Cafe Bourbon Street tomorrow. Kyle Sowash is celebrating his 33rd that same night at the Treehouse. Mat Bisaro and Tony Allman are touring with Dan Melchior in Europe. The Queers are in town Monday night at Carabar. The Electric Grandmother is leaving town, but not before they do one last show at the Treehouse with Kepi Ghoulie on Monday.
WCBE is throwing a big bash tonight at Byrne's Pub and Woodlands Tavern, and the Alive has a summer music tour stop at Woodlands on Friday that benefits the Columbus Music Co-op. Whew...wish there was crap to do in this town...

Play List:
Don Bovee (w/ Day Creeper) - "Batman" live at Ruby Tuesday, August, 2009
Cheater Slicks - "Crackin' Up" from Walk Into The Sea
Thee Now Sound - "3 to 1"
The Queers - "Don't Touch My Hat" from Back to the Basement
Dan Melchior - "Poison Pete's Holiday" from Catbirds & Cardinals
Kepi Ghoulie - "Fortune Teller" from Life Sentence
The Electric Grandmother - "Car Phone" from Pee Sells...Who's Buying?
Tom Evanchuck - "Somebody's Got To" The Evanchucks
Whoa Nellie! - "Awright Awready" Showed Up Anyway

pat radio - May 19, 2011

59:50 minutes (82.03 MB)

Click the artist's/band's name below for more info about each group.

Play list:
Drakkar Sauna - "Ballad of the Unborn (Cursory Shaker)" from 20009
The Black Swans - "Sunshine Street" from Don't Blame the Stars
Alwood Sisters - "Hold On" from Black Falcon & The Forest Spirit
survivalist - "Human Host" from gURL
The Sewing Machine War - "Weather" from The Sewing Machine War EP
She Bears - "What Morning Brings" from I Found Myself Asleep
The Spruce Campbells - "Black Sunbeams" from Mosques, Museums, & Mausoleums
The Royal Pines - "Perhaps Its Nothing" from Come Forth
The Royal Pines - "Someone Up There (Dont Like Me)" from Come Forth
Wheels on Fire - "Broken Up" from Cherry Bomb
The Growlers - "Gay Thoughts" from 7"
Great Architect - "Cat Part Home for Albert" from Cultural Games
The Spits - "Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya" from The Spits (Vol. 4)
TV Ghost - "The Recluse" from Cold Fish
Whale Zombie - "Islands" from Wale Zombie
Harboring Ghosts - "Snakebite"

pat radio - May 5, 2011

59:45 minutes (81.93 MB)

Lots of stuff goin' down musically tonight, tomorrow and Saturday night in Columbus. The Kyle Sowashes have a release party for their "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" 7" Saturday night at the Summit. Black Owls, Woosley Band, and the Harvest Kings are playing a Cinco de Mayo show tonight at the Treehouse. The Song Birds are releasing a cd at Ravari room on Friday. The Hot 17 is presenting Lord T & Eloise, The Town Monster, and Earwig at Kobo on Friday. Finally, on Saturday at Kobo, it's CMC Volunteer Appreciation night with Alert New London, New Tooth and Energy Clinic.

Next week, Saturday May 14, the Black Box Benefit is happening at Ruby Tuesday. Mors Ontologica is releasing two cds and a split 7" with Marvin the Robot.

So put on your galoshes and get out there!

Play List
Gibson Brothers - "The Sperm Count" from Dedicated Fool
Black Owls - "Glorious in Black" from June '71
The Woosley Band - "Echo Wheel" live at Electraplay
Harvest Kings - "Perfect" from Cardboard Crowns
The Salty Caramels - "Weasel"
The Song Birds - "Church Girl"
Earwig - "I Don't Want to Go" live at Electraplay
Alert New London - "Spoonfed"
The Town Monster - "B1G WH00P1N' 5K3L3T0N5 (I'm Not Guilty Anymore)" from EP 10 - October
Marvin the Robot - "Unremarkable" from The Loveiathan

pat radio - April 28, 2011

59:15 minutes (54.25 MB)

New music from The Regionals, Branden Barnett, and Times New Viking. Old music from Clay, the Yips, and others.

Play List:
Andrew Graham and Swarming Branch - "Holy Joeys, Cognoscenti, Tar Babies in Love" from Clasic Dogs (Demos)
Nathan Snell's Country Band - "Too Late to Worry Now" from demos
Joe Kile - "Tom Hill and Billy McMann" from Southern Beauty Queen
Clay - "'Til We Have Faces" from 7"
Clay - "Kim I Hate You" from 7"
Clay - "Ann O'Malley" from 7"
The Yips - "9 x 11" from 7"
The Yips - "First Place" from Bonfire In A Dixie Cup
The Yips - "Chapter of Not Dying Twice" from Bonfire In A Dixie Cup
The Axemen - "Sick and Tyred" from 7"
Times New Viking - "Rocks in My Heart" from 7"
Times New Viking - "Try Harder" from Dancer Equired
The Regionals - "Run" from Live at the Rumba
Branden Barnett - "Heart Won't Bend" from Verse Chorus Verse
The Kyle Sowashes - "Vanilla Clown" from Vanilla Clown 7"
Solyoni - "Vanilla Clown" from Vanilla Clown 7"
Log - "She's The One" from 4 Song EP
Dane Terry - "Rojo Means Red" from Organ Grinder Single

pat radio - April 21, 2011

59:33 minutes (81.64 MB)

Phone interview with David James of Wolf Ram Heart, plus lots of good music that runs the gamut. Study the play list below for various links to free or low-cost music download options. Links at the bottom of the page will allow you to play or download this entire podcast.

Play List:
The Obviouslies - "caca, culo, pedo, pis" from Pinky Download It! (facebook event link. YMMV)
The Obviouslies - "allergick to you" from Pinky
The Royal Pines - "All Wrong" from Come Forth
Day Creeper - "Dragons" from Blah 7"
Grave Blankets - "Forward" from split 7"
Fey Gods - "Untied" from 7"
Umbrella Men - "Tilt the Shade" from Music for Young Americans Buy It.
Wolf Ram Heart - "Betrayal of Hearts" from Betrayal of Hearts
Wolf Ram Heart - "Humming Doves" from Betrayal of Hearts
Wolf Ram Heart - "Mansions" from Betrayal of Hearts
Supervisor - "Hold on, young lovers" from Hold on, young lovers Free Download
Supervisor - "Chokolat" from Hold on, young lovers
Moon High - "Smoke Before My Eyes" live at Electraplay
Glass Winged Sharpshooters - "Lonesome Valley" from band camp songs
Molehill - "Untitled" from Audiotree Live (bandcamp)
Ryan Jewell - Espouse Elucidation Eschew Obfuscation; Espouse Elucidation

pat radio - April 14, 2011

57:05 minutes (78.26 MB)

Second hour of the two-hour set with Mike Rep. From January 2009.

pat radio - Mike Rep (re-run) April 7, 2011

59:45 minutes (81.93 MB)

This is the first hour of a show I did with Mike Rep two years ago.

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